1964 Ford Thunderbird Landau Interior Light Problem?

My TBird's interior lights stay on after I hook it up to a battery even with all the doors shut. Could it be because the door buttons that tell the lights to turn off are bad? The "door ajar" light also doesn't come on when I open a door. I would really like to fix this problem so I don't have to keep unhooking the battery every time I the car off. Thanks!

If you have time, check out these videos (p.s I know I need new exhaust manifolds!):


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  • paul h
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    9 years ago
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    As Bill said, the wiring is shorting to ground somewhere which keeps the lights on although the door jamb switches could have compressed to the point where they no longer break the circuit for a ground path when the door is closed. Some older jamb switches allowed the barrel of the switch to "float" or slide in the threaded portion of the switch...when you close the door, the barrel slides with some friction in the threaded part and self adjusts to the depth needed to open the contacts of the switch. I've also seen it where the wiring corrodes and detaches from the switch and arcs against metal...grounding out the dome/landau light circuit and keeping the lights on. Check the switches first or replace them since they are easy to get to and cheap.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Its either that or one of the wires is shorted to ground somewhere. The only way to find out for sure is to get a wiring diagram and start checking things. The door switches usually don't fail that way. They usually will keep the lights from coming on. The wiring on those older cars is pretty simple, should be pretty easy to troubleshoot.

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