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What do you think about the military alliances with Pakistan?

I have been saying this for a long time now. Now we have more proof. Those Pakis are nothing but a bunch of snakes that can't be trusted. They are against us, just like Karzai is too. They attack our troops and our people at the Embassy, they hid Bin Laden, they stopped our cargo trucks, and now we have proof of the snakes that they are.

I mean is that what allies is for? What had Pakistan done for this war on terror?

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    Pakistan has one of the most corrupt governments in the world, alongside with America. Now I agree that Pakistan isn't a country you should trust with our tax money, they did help with the efforts, but not enough. A lot of that money goes into the pockets of those corrupt politicians. I also agree that Karzai is a clear enemey towards the United States and after our troops leave, he can save himself from the taliban. I don't want to discuss the Bin Laden topic because honestley i feel there is a lot we as citizens do not know, and there is a lot more depth behind it. The reason the cargo trucks stop is because thanks to Mr. Obama, we are conducting drone strikes in the north-western part of the region of Pakistan. Were only making enemies now and for the future, and as a protest, the truck drivers are not delivering cargo to the U.S. military stationed in Afghanistan.

    Pakistan is a key ally but it does not fulfill it's promises sometimes and we could really use the money ourselves which is going into the pockets of corrupt politicians and we need to just get out of the region and focus on ourselves right now, because it is nice to help others out, you need to focus on yourself first.

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    I think we need to send them an arms shipment. A couple of dozen Tomahawks, 10 megaton each.

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