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Did you ever notice this?

In sitcoms over the past decades the evolution of the dumb whorish blond stereotype. Over time they have gotten smarter and less whorish. I will show the change.

Suzanne Summers from Threes Company

Kelly Bundy (Married with Children)

Rose (Golden Girls)

Sally Solomon (Third Rock from the Sun)

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

The girl from Clueless

Phoebe Bouffet (Friends)

Lori (That 70's Show)

Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Bernadette (The Big Bang Theory)

So is the next one going to be a mormon rocket scientist? Is this realistic of the stereotype today?


I asked this question in gender studies. Doesnt this question fall under that category?

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    It is an interesting thought, but I don't think the trend in Hollywood is toward more virtuous women. If anything the trend is toward women who are liberated to sleep with whoever they feel like sleeping with. While they tend to be somewhat smarter, the big difference is that they have made the men dumber. So, the trend is away from Mormon women.

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    No, but neither is your question worth noticing...

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