Realtek Wireless Lan Card Driver?

Okay, I got Windows Vista installed back on my computer after a nasty (self caused) crash, in which I deleted the boot-loader. Everything seems to be working ok, (minus advanced graphics drivers and some other upgraded updates) except my Wireless Lan. I can get internet though a ethernet port but I have to use a 5 foot cord (that's the only one I have), and my router is in the attic, Which is WAY too cold in the winter and WAY to hot in the summer, other wise I'd just stay in there. BUT, I was wondering how I can get my wireless drivers to work again. Windows.old has been deleted through the process of reinstallation, so I can't salvage any drivers from there. and my version of Vista is the generic home premium so it didn't install any Compaq specific drivers. I think I have a Realtek Family something WLan card. Is there any way to get and install the Realtek drivers?

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  • Norm F
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    9 years ago
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    The best way is to go to the HP/COMPAQ web site as it sounds as if you want more than the wireless adapter.

    As you do not state your model etc can't go any further that this.

    Go to the following web page and select the necessary, or try their auto scan.

    The page has defaulted to Australia but that should not make a difference

    You may have to check the make of your wireless adapter,and you can use belarc advisor to do that.



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