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Help with a Biology question!!?

6. Construct pedigree charts for the following families, giving the possible genotypes for each member. Represent males with a square and females with a circle, and write the genotype inside the symbol. The situations are based on the ability to taste a chemical called PTC, which is dominant (T) to not being able to taste the chemical (t).

a) A man and his wife are both tasters and they have two taster sons, a taster daughter, and a nontaster daughter. One of the sons is married to a non-taster

b) A taster man has a taster son, a non-taster son, and a taster daughter by his first marriage and two non-taster daughters by his second marriage. His first wife was never tested but his second wife was a non-taster. The daughter of his first marriage subsequently married a non-taster and produced eight children, all of whom were tasters.

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    Hi! I can't type circles and squares here, so I'm going to represent cicles with a round brackets () and squares with a square brackets [ ]. 'x' here means 'married to' and = means 'gave birth to'. { } means one of the children has formed a new family


    [Tt]x( Tt) = (TT) (tt) [TT] { [Tt] x (tt) }



    x =.(tt) (tt)


    x = .[Tt] [tt] { (Tt) x [tt] = [Tt] (Tt) [Tt] (Tt) [Tt] (Tt) [Tt] (Tt)}


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