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How was Empress Matilda like?

What was her personality like?

How did she look?

How did she act?

How did she dress?


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  • 9 years ago
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    1. She was described to have a striking appearance, which presumably means she was beautiful or attractive at least. She had blonde or light brown hair, fair complexion, and was rather tall for a woman.

    2. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "act". She was quite willful, haughty, arrogant and extremely stubborn. Matilda was also very resourceful; for example, she once escaped by disguising herself as a corpse.

    3. She dressed in similar fashion to most Royal women in England and the rest of Europe. Typically, women wore long tunics or gowns. A close fit to the body, full skirts, and long flaring sleeves were characteristic of upper class fashion. fashionable gown was wide at the wrist but without the trumpet-shaped flare from the elbow seen in France. The cloak was an important part of the attire; rich women lined the cloak with fur. Matilda might have also been an early wearer of the wimple, because it was introduced in England at the time.

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    Ask the three empresses here in the forum. Alexandra, Michiko and Ichiban.. Weeeehh! Lulz:))

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