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Amount of ammo in SHTF stash?

Background info:

1. We have a 9mm Beretta 92FS and a Taurus 1911 45 ACP. I plan to purchase one AR-15 plus either two 9mm pistols (Beretta or Taurus); OR another 92FS and 1911 45 ACP. Five total!! I prefer another 92FS and Taurus 1911 45 ACP for magazine and, maybe, parts inter-changability.

A second AR-15 instead of 9mm is also a consideration.

2. My wife, two teenage daughters and I regularly practice with the 92FS. They don't have regular practice with the 1911 45 ACP.

3. I have been reloading 9mm for 2 years. Just started reloading 45 ACP. No plans (yet) to reload 223 ammo. I load mainly FMJs for practice but load them to defense JHP powder levels.

4. I purchase factory JHP whenever the prices are reasonable. In decreasing order, my preferences are: Speer Gold Dots, Remington Golden Sabers, PDX1, Winchester JHP, brand-name JHP, Winchester Flat-nose, brand-name Flat-nose, Winchester FMJ, brand-name FMJ; bulk jacketed JHP, FP & FMJ; Rainier HP, FP & RN.

5. I also reload Gold Dots, Sabers, and Winchester JHP to factory specs.


Q1: How much would be your estimate for ammo stash for each firearm? Note that for the SHTF stash, the ammo will likely be 90-95% hollow-points (or soft-points); 75% factory (bonded) JHPs, 20% reloaded bonded JHP.

Please give your opinion on minimum, reasonable and excessive counts.

Q2: For one AR-15, is 1,000 .223 HPs or soft-points enough? Too much? Too little?

Q3: For three 9mm pistols, how much? For one 45 ACP?

Q4: Do you think there's a need for a 22 cal pistol or rifle as a 6th firearm?

Money had never been tight. If I have to, I can easily allot 10k-20k for ammo. However, I do not want to waste cash and house space for excessive ammo. I'd rather use the funds for additional SHTF necessities.

Please help! Thanks!!


I'm sorry, WC. I do not understand your answer. Assuming we have stock-piled canned goods, water, some gasoline, and medical supplies, what else would we need?

Are you suggesting NOT to stockpile ammo? And just buy ammo and other necessities when disaster already happened?

Update 2:

Thanks Cane! Clear and concise explanation.

Update 3:


Thanks CF45, zipper & all who took the time and care to answer my basic (almost naive) questions.

A note to zipper:

My family and I are not violent people. We do not hunt animals for food or sport. Not that hunting is bad -- it's just not a priority. We hunt for our food at Walmart and Outback Steak House :-D

The closest to violence my family and I have been exposed to are Hollywood movies and NFL games -- not to mention, the Discovery & History Channels, and the evening news. We are basically your usual soft, pampered, spoiled city folks.

My wife wouldn't hurt a fly. She even looks a me bad if I insult someone and call them fat, ugly and/or stupid.

Having said that, neither she nor I will hesitate riddling anyone with bullets if there is unmistakable evidence of intent of him trying to do us harm. I think she would double that if he was intending harm to OUR daughters. The bi-weekly trips to the shooting range will make sure that he doesn't get te

Update 4:

... ten steps in THEIR direction.

Update 5:


Thanks Mr 357!

Here's how it adds up to 100%: 75% factory (bonded) JHPs, 20% reloaded bonded JHP *PLUS* 5% factory FMJ.

I'm so sorry you feel that way about the US public school system!

I, myself, personally believe that the problem(s) lie with the student and NOT the system. My 2 daughters went through the "crappy" public school system. One now goes to Stanford, one to Pharmacy School in Austin.

On the other hand, I went to private schools through high school; then I attended my country's equivalent of MIT earning a B.S. Mechanical Engineering. Then was recruited heavily to work in the software industry -- first in Saudi Arabia and the US (where the US company sponsored my US citizenship).


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    anakin its nice to see you understand the need to stock food, water, etc, etc. we get a lot of people on here that dont. in reality ammo is a pretty low priority in the grand scheme of things.

    anyways on to your questions:

    Q1: i see you are a reloader? if that is the case i'd use it to cut your ammo costs and spend more time actually shooting. formal training and putting rounds down range is far more useful than xxx amount of rounds sitting in ammo cans.

    i have 3 separate "shtf" ammo piles. the first is a combat load (have you given any thought to web gear and other mag carriers? armor wouldn't be a bad idea either, lvl IV stand alone plates are not that exspensive) that is loaded with the best factory ammo i can find. right now that is 77gr SMKs and 230gr speer gold dots.

    the second pile is for bulk factory ammo that is cheap but still offers good terminal performance. i have 1-2k rounds per rifle of IMI m193 for 5.56, 147gr german DAG for .308, and yugo surplus for 7.62x39.

    the third is my reloading pile and its growing every day. i buy 1000 pieces of brass, load 500 and set them aside in an ammo can for a rainy day. the other 500 i load up and take to the range burn them up and reload again. i get about 6 reloads from brass so for every 500 i stash i shoot about 3k.

    Q2: i think that would be plenty.

    Q3: i dont stock very much factory pistol ammo. maybe 250 gold dots and 500 FMJ per pistol? i just dont plan on having to shoot that much. if i have that many close encounters the probability is i wont make it home alive.

    Q4: absolutely, whether its for small game hunting or pest removal from your garden a good .22lr is invaluable. plus you can stash 10k rounds CHEAP!

    good luck!

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    Shtf Ammo

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    Easy, get a small pouch, dump 1000 pellets / BB's in it and hunt silently for small game. If SHTF fan you want to evade, not get into a firefight mister John Rambo. In the real world, you'll just end up 6' under... ...So... To much weight would make you slow anyways. Your better off with lots of water, water purification means, 2 days rations, fire kit, knife, small fishing box, clothes befitting to your climate eg. Cold/wet whether gear and a good set of hiking boots with extra sox. The list can go on for days... Honestly your better off with a nice air rifle and you can bring 1000 rounds with you and hunt small game silently without drawing in unwanted attention. If you still insist on wanting to pack that many rounds on your person than ammo boxes inside a rucksack is the only way to go. Remember that the more ammo you carry the less of other important supplies you will be able to fit inside your bug out bag. You need to research this more. Your best bet is to have a cache if you are so concerned about this... Happy hunting, Dave

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    When and if that day comes when these concepts become reality, most people will fail the test of being able to kill someone else. Also what you have is short range. A good sniper could take you all out as easier as one two three. There are both guns and people out there that can do it.

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    If it were my kids I'd rather arm them with a long arm than a pistol.

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    For practical advice, I would recommend these two books

    "Survival Guns" - by Mel Tappan

    "Life After Doomsday" - Bruce Clayton

    Even not knowing your skill level(s) or where you plan your retreat. One light(5.56mm) combat rifle and 4 handguns is not generally a good mix.

    Better would "generally" be, one heavy(7.62mm) combat rifle, one light combat rifle. one 12ga pump(Remington 870, etc) and two reliable M1911's

    Like I said, without knowing more about you and your retreat. A general guideline would be around 1,000 to 2,000rds per rifle, and two hundred rounds each for the shotgun and handguns.

    If you intend to do a lot of practice, you're going to need more. Just keep in mind that in a real SHTF situation. You would be ringing the dinner gong to any/all the hungry hordes looking to take whatever you have.

    If the handguns are only used in close range(obviously) self defense situations. 200rds should be enough to survive 40 or more, such face to face encounters. If you're that good, and or that optimistic, congratulations.

    What else would we need?

    That's covered in the books I recommended.

    If you have questions, feel free to send an anonymous email through YA

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    Stockpiling ammo will only benefit your adversary. In actual battle, with the armament you listed, your chances of sustaining yourself long enough to expend your stockpile of ammo is nil.

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