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What are the requirements to become a voice actor/ seiyuu in Japan?

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    There is a Russian actress working as a voice actor in Japan. Her name is Jenya, and she came to Japan after graduating university in Russia. She speaks excellent Japanese (can't tell if she is Russian from her voice) and she also had contact with the author of Black Lagoon, correcting the Russian in the manga.

    Being able to speak fluent Japanese is essential. If you could speak other languages, it could be beneficial, because there are many anime that requires foreigners speaking their mother language.

    Still, she is a very rare case. She was already fairly popular on the Russian Internet, and she had contacts in Japan through her Otaku activity in her home country.

    Probably the best way is to study Japanese really hard, and enter a Seiyuu School (prefably in Tokyo) once you come to Japan.

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  • Valeen
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    4 years ago

    You have to be 18 to work in Japan. And have a four year degree.

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    8 years ago

    the minimum requirements : graduated voice actors vocational school

    if you are female

    70% Pulchritude

    20% ability

    10% the " Pillow business"

    if you are male

    90% ability

    10% connection

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  • 8 years ago

    Here's the same question asked on the Japanese Yahoo Answers.

    In short, there are almost no foreign voice actors in Japan. Its not impossible, but highly unlikely. You would have to speak native Japanese with no accent and then you would have to convince the studios that there is some reason to hire you over native speakers. You might be able to get a few roles as foreigners in anime, but even those usually go to Japanese who imitate gaijin.

    Its probably better to try to become a voice actor in the U.S. and then see if you can get some kind of work in Japan. Here is a link on that:

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