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Cheap hdmi cable or expensive hdmi cable does the quality make a difference?

I dont know if its a myth but I was certain it does but others say it makes no differnce at all in quality and performance via a ps3 to a smart tv.

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  • 17R3W
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    8 years ago

    Short answer is "no" with a but.

    Under 6 feet, any HDMI cable is fine, (including the ones you get at dollarama for $2).

    Over 6 feet, you'll want a high quality cable.

    Because HDMI is digital, there is no need to worry about "gold plating" and all that.

    HOWEVER, I would recommend getting a couple of cheap ones, as I've found, they don't survive to much wear and tare.

    - 17R3W

  • 8 years ago

    HDMI cables carry digitised signals so unless you are using really cheap ones, or if you're running it over distances longer than about three metres, a high price one won't generally improve picture quality for normal quality domestic equipment. The size of the tv screen is irrelevant.

    PS3 to telly does not need expensive HDMI cable.

    Like all things there are exceptions. If you are connecting VERY HIGH-END (ie nothing that Tesco or Argos and their like sell) devices then it makes sense to use better quality connecting cables. Also, it is desirable to use better quality (£30/metre) ones if you're connecting 3D Blu-ray to 3D television.

    The business of cable quality is important for SCART leads. These carry analogue signals which can suffer if passed through cheap and nasty cables. The cheap ones also have poor plugs where the pins can come loose if a nearby spider sneezes. Always use good quality SCART cables. ..Unless you are runningg "supermarket brands" or similar cheap equipmentt - when you may as well use lengths of wet string.

  • 8 years ago

    An HDMI cable is a HDMI cable - theres no difference at all.

    Even these market invaded (so-called) gold-tipped HDMI cables (which are 'not' gold - just anodised gold colouring) costing a fortune are for all these retail suckers out there - who 'think' their purchase is superior because of the extra price paid....paying anything more than 10 £/$ is a complete waste of time.

    Vision is all in the eyes of the individual - and most cannot distinguish between 'whats claimed' and what is actually seen.

    All these claims that Plasma shows better black colouring etc as opposed to LCD/LED TV is also ....'rubbish'. Very 'few people' ever bother to 'calibrate' their TV properly - if they did their TV would show the direct difference between colours etc....like 'my' 42" Hitachi does ie: blacks stand out against dark blues etc and compared with Plasma claims is equal.

    Contrast/Brightness/Colour/Shapness controls if calibrated correctly will give excellent achievable high visual standards of viewing.

    The sports 'blurring effect' in LCD/LED is not possible to correct - it cannot be achieved - but sitting 'away' from the TV by at least 8/10ft absolutely minimises that irritation - sit within 2/3/4 ft away (as most people do) - and the viewer sees 'all the flaws' that flat screen TV's have.

    When you've bought 'your' sensible priced HDMI cable - make sure 'you' calibrate your TV correctly.

    Never be a 'slave' too all these expensive ....'misleading technology marketing ploys' - because 'most' don't even 'come close' too the 'claims' made by these manufactures.

  • some people dont see the difference in cheap & good quality hdmi cable while others do

    i can see the difference between cheap and a good quality hdmi cable while im watching a blu-ray film on my panasonic 3d tv while my gf dosnt even though see does have a bad eye

    i wouldnt pay crazy money for a hdmi cable especially if its made by monster cable, they are overpriced crap,, all you need to pay is £26 RRP for a AUDIOQUEST PEARL hdmi cable, you will probably get it cheaper on ebay or amazon

    it won the BEST HDMI CABLE in the WHAT HI-FI 2011 awards


    Source(s): panasonic plasma 3d tv & ps3 owner
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Quality does make a difference but consider the capabilities of your service, tv and other electronics.

    A more expensive cable can accommodate up to 1080i, but even cox hd programming offers a small fraction of that quality. If your TV is only 720 then you won't need that upgrade. They are definitely better than using audio/video jacks but so are cheap hdmi cables- you also want to consider the rate of info being transferred, how fast the images move and how much colors are also being used. If you watch a local news broadcast in HD it won't make a difference, but if you watch live sports on HD, you will notice some differences.

    I work in TV repair, and there is not that much of a difference. They are all consumable parts and they will fail after a given amount of time.

    So as far as calling it quality, I hesitate. I prefer to call it temporarily luxurious, because today's tech is really lacking in quality.

  • khalil
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    8 years ago

    some cheap ones do not work.......buy cheap buy twice .

  • 203
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    8 years ago

    When you are transmitting a digital signal over very short distances, such as interconnections between AV equipment, the overall quality of the cable makes no difference at all to the displayed image quality.

    With analogue signals it's a different story but with digital, all the cable is doing is carrying a high speed series of on's and off's and all the receiving equipment has to do is detect those on's and off's, digital signals are highly resilient, near immune to back ground noise.

  • 8 years ago

    I have a £10 hdmi cable, a friend of mine has a £50 cable - the difference is nothing.

    Source(s): My eyesite
  • 8 years ago

    Quality ALWAYS makes a difference. Don't just judge anything by the price.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Quality actually makes a big difference. I think this article on HDMI will help you understand the technology better - http://india-mobilewatch.blogspot.in/2012/01/hdmi....

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