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英文考古題 請幫忙一下..謝謝(贈20點)

26. English is a ________ language. Most children in Taiwan start to learn English when they are little.(A) smart (B) bad (C) popular (D) seldom27. The ________ in Taiwan changes a lot. It may be sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. (A) sky (B) sun (C) weather (D) wind 28. Janet is a great ________. She can make lot of delicious meals. (A) shopkeeper (B) waitress (C) cooker (D) chef 29. Nana’s mother watches her________ the piano. She plays well, and her mother is proud of her. (A) to play (B) plays (C) playing (D) played30. My father has given me a good________. He always drives carefully and follows the traffic rules, so I always drive as carefully as him. (A) example (B) school (C) idea (D) video31. Our company has________ new rules about sick days (A) adopted (B) adapted (C) affected (D) afflicted 32. The advertising firm ________a $10 million, three-year contract by the new client (A) awarded (B) was awarded (C) will award (D) has awarded33. Please wait here ________ I find the information for you.(A) when (B) while (C) where (D) whereas34. The company ________ US$10 million form the bank. (A) lent (B) loaned (C) borrowed (D) advanced 35. Our manager ________ we will make more money this year than we did last year. (A) estimates (B) executes (C) exercises (D) establishes36. Which one of ________books do you want to borrow? (A) them (B) these (C) this (D) that

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    26 c 27 c 28 d 29 c 30 a 31 a 32 b 33 b 34 c 35 a 36 b

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