does anyone think Jenelle Evans is a dis respectful brat?

i mean like seriously!! she is 20 years old and she should respect her mother! im 17 & if i even had half the balls to talk to my mother like that she would have to be sent to an asylum. UGH why doesn't her mom just kick her *** out once and for all!?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes she's horrible.

    But to be fair, her mother is horrible as well. She taunts Jenelle and almost tries to get her riled up. Not always but I've noticed a few times, her mother should've walked away but instead she stood there and got in Jenelle's face.

    Not that that's any excuse for Jenelle's behavior. She's a selfish, ungrateful, whiny, confused kid who has no business having a child. And she should at least be grateful that her mother is raising her child for her. I don't blame her mother for being frustrated but I think they could both use parenting classes and anger management.

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