Are physics graduate likely candidates in the business industry?

I'll just start off with the answer Yes.

I've heard this many times and asked this many times, I get the answer yes and a small summary of how physicist are taught to think and how that can be adapted to a business model...

But realistically.. what are the odds?

What are the chances a physics graduate will be able to work into the business industry compared to an economics graduate?

and What do employers think when they hear your a physics graduate and not a student from the commerce/economics field?

I haven't specified a job, I was considering just the general views in business, but if you can narrow it down that'd be nice

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    9 years ago
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    Your information is valid. Physics majors are hired all over the business/finance/analytics arenas. To be honest, economics majors do jack with their degrees. Economics is dead. Most of their work is in some research capacity funded by some not for profit. It's not like economic majors all go on to be Alan Greenspans.

    If you can do quantum mechanics, you sure as shitt can do regression models of costs or company investments.

    Seriously all you need to do is take a few business courses and you're set.

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