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what do you know about canada?

What are your thoughts and/or opinions about canada???

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    In a deeply troubled world, Canada's the best place on earth.

    Canada's rated as being/having:

    -The world's best advanced economy.

    -The world's leading G7 economy.

    -The world's only G7 nation fully recovered from the global recession.

    -The world's soundest banking system.

    -The world leader in educational attainment.

    -The world's most tolerant country.

    -The world's friendliest nation.

    -The world's most welcoming country.

    -The world's top-brand country rating.

    -The world's best country for business

    Canada's also rated as being:

    -One of the world's 10 safest countries.

    -One of the world's 10 most peaceful nations.

    -One of the world's 10 happiest countries.

    -One of the world's 10 least corrupt nations.

    -One of the world's 10 freest countries.

    Canada is the world's 2nd largest nation, only Russia is bigger.

    Canada covers half the North American continent. The US & Mexico split the rest.

    Canada has one of the world's 10 lowest population densities.

    Meaning Canada is almost entirely unspoiled, natural beauty.

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    Canada has over 50% of the world's total number of freshwater lakes & rivers.

    Canada is over 50% forested & has the world's largest area of certified boreal forest.

    Canada is rich in an overabundance of natural resources ranging from oil to diamonds.

    And all these things are, as the saying goes, just the tip of the iceberg.

    So this comes as no surprise, nor should it:

    "More than half of people around the world say they would abandon their homelands and move to Canada if they could. Given the choice, 53 per cent of adults in the world's 24 leading economies said they would immigrate to Canada..."

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    From experience:

    Truly an awesome and beautiful place to live.

    The fact that our flag has only two colors and a maple leaf

    We're the second largest nation

    We've got ten provinces and three territories (Just glad I don't have to memorize 50 states... wait shoot, I do T.T)

    Lots and lots of trees (To the point it drives you insane)

    Extremely diverse (in vancouver and toronto at least < Edmonton too)

    milk bags (which I have yet to see)

    mounties (which I HAVE seen)


    Moose, grizzlies, spirit bears and beavers

    Tim Hortons

    French (you learn Parisian french where I'm from)


    We own at peacemaking

    July 1

    The fact that we have an extra U in many of our words





    The fact that in WWI we were called the stormtroopers. With the population of around 8 million, six hundred thousand when to war, and about a percentage of our whole population died. (That's a lot if you really think about it)

    I know the year we became a nation, alot about the railroads, the bombing in the harbor and so much more.. but am too lazy to mention (it's like midnight here)

    Source(s): Wiki, and socials class.. I'm a proud canadian, but I can totally rant on how awesome amaricans are too. (Specially after my trip to california)
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    Hi from tropical UK. It's +5C here, shirtsleeve weather.

    Canadia...err where Canadians come from.

    The bears have to wash their paws before sitting down to dinner.

    They use too much maple syrup on their toast and they slurp too much.

    The Canadian flag is mostly used for autumn cos the one with a green leaf hasn't been finished yet.

    Sir and Ma'am take up half the space in converstaions.

    The trains have to carry nuclear power stations to melt the snow and ice for water.

    Mounties horses do four miles to an apple and a can of apple juice.

    They can read Mountie rule books.

    They can read Yield! signs but they don't have to if they can jump far enough.

    The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan at 19 500 feet and the lowest point is 3am on a cold night on it with no radio.

    No it isn't. It's 3am on CBC without a coffee.

    Bottom of here....Ma'ams and Sirs....hahaha

    Thankyou Sir, thankyou Sir;_ylt=As...

    Have fun

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    it is a wonderful place to live.

    free healthcare(well kind of, that why our gas costs so much but it's worth it)

    we don't have the most creative national anthem but make up for it by being friendly

    most of us don't actually talk like the moose on brother bear(but when you find one that does it's amusing to listen to anyway)

    all the funniest actors are from canada.

    and if you have a teenage daughter... we created justin bieber. lol

    it's +5 today in a month that would normally be very cold.

    best skiing and other winter sports.

    tim hortons

    second largest oil deposits in the world.

    oh and we can't forget about some of the biggest diamond mines.

    we also have a great educational system

    we like strange looking animals like beavers and bison.

    it's late so i can't think of more. but all in all it is great

    Source(s): being Canadien
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    Canada is the best country in the world.

  • All I need to know, otherwise I would relocate to somewhere else.

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    Beautiful people, beautiful lands, extremely cold in winter.

  • Canada makes good beer & wine.

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    Don't forget about our Queen! Our Head of State is perhaps the main thing that sets us apart from Americans!

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    too much to print here greatest place on the earth

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