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Will getting a nasal polyp and my tosils removed have a huge affect on my singing voice?

I recently went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago for a food allergy, and the doctors checked my nasal and throat cavaties to check for swelling. They found a polyp in my nose, and i haven't had my tonsils taken out yet. My mom set up an appointment to get them both removed this summer since i have a lot of congestion and trouble breathing sometimes. The problem is i'm a singer, and im worried that removing them will screw up my voice. many people have told me i have a beautiful voice. Will this majorly affect my singing voice?


You misunderstood me. The doctor is not taking out my tonsils to resolve the allergy. i already know what im allergic to that put me in the hospital. its nuts. im not allergic to anything else.

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    I'm glad you're not rushing into this surgery. I don't think a tonsillectomy will ruin your voice; I've never heard of that. But I'm alarmed that your doctor thinks a tonsillectomy is the answer to your problems.

    I used to have endless congestion and sinus allergies - they were both environmental and food-related. I was able to get rid of them by changing my diet. Try eliminating ALL dairy products, especially milk and ice cream. That may do it for you. If it doesn't, try eliminating gluten/grains from your diet - they can cause congestion and other problems. Avoid sweet drinks, including soda and even natural fruit juice - orange juice is the worst offender for congestion. Any food that you know you're allergic to - AVOID. Dont' take Lactaid or anything that will "help" you digest it. Your body is telling you not to put that food in your mouth, so don't. You don't need milk for calcium - that's a huge myth. Green vegetables and nuts are good sources of calcium. See "Dr. Joseph Mercola: Don't Drink Your Milk".

    I used to have constant ear infections and sinus infections. I now avoid dairy and all drinks except water and a little bit of coffee. I have not had a sinus or ear infection in about 15 years. My bones have gotten stronger, not weaker (two bones tests don't lie). So please - try experimenting with your diet before rushing to get your tonsils out. Your tonsils help you fight off infection and if you can keep them, you should.

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    Source(s): Nasal Obstruction Remedies
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    it will not affect your voice. by having tonsils operation you'll get a more beautiful voice than you're having now.

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