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Summary of the trial of Peter Zenger?

Can someone give me a summary of the Peter Zenger trial ?

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    The Trial of John Peter Zenger was a legal proceeding during the 1730s that helped form the political belief in the United States that citizens have the right to freely criticize their government. The case also fostered the idea of freedom of the press.

    In 1735 a jury in colonial New York found German American newspaper publisher and printer John Peter Zenger not guilty of the crime of seditious libel—that is, the communication of information intended to cause dissatisfaction with the government or other authorities. In his newspaper, the New York Weekly Journal, Zenger had published articles criticizing the governor of the colony. The jury acquitted him on the grounds that what he had printed was true. Although the case did not create new legal precedent or immediately change the law of libel, it became the most important political trial of the period before the American Revolution (1775-1783). In 1736 Zenger published an account of the trial, bringing the arguments in favor of journalistic freedom to the attention of readers throughout the American colonies, as well as readers in other British colonies and in England.

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    Zenger Trial

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