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Will Newt Gingrich defy the Liberal Media and Win over Romney in Florida to Maui?

I sure hope so. This Election needs a Conservative to defeat cheese dip Shiite Obama. Romney is just another Liberal, as pointed out by that bad Libby Jew, George Soreass Obama, this week in a News Max interview. Appears Soros is happy with either Romney or Chairman Obama....go figure. I would love to see a reply from any one in Dade or Broward Counties....Home of the Hanging Chad. Seems that you guys get all of the Democrat attention since their Candidates always get into Legal trouble in Republican Florida. Time to go get some Orange Juice.......from Arizona Oranges.

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    You are correct. I heard Michael Reagan and Herman Cain call Romney a Liberal. Guess we will have to wait and see how Florida pans out in the pan handle tomorrow. Bottom line, I will Vote for who ever runs against Obama in the General Election. Stopping Obama now, then if Romney wants to act like a Democrat...we can sink his ship in 2016.

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    Will the Blonde Jewish Hottie of Scottsdale Arizona create yet another account to spout out hate and ignorance? Keep it up baby, you are making the other side look like a better option. Why not show a little intelligence and show why your party is better? I'm sure you have the chops, but the daily rant undermines any real message you are saying. I'm not a liberal, I'm independent and can recognize that the country is in trouble, but all the trash helps nobody. Believe what you want, but the truth is in middle not in the extreme left or right. A balance. Not too much of one philosophy or another.

  • Al
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    9 years ago

    Liberal media? Are you effin' kidding. One would have to search to find a truly liberal media. If you want blame someone for the choice of Romney over Gingrich, look to the GOP establishment.

    Check the link from The Economist (hardly liberal media). Even the Wall Street Journal (owned by the great liberal, Rupert Murdoch) is against Newt.

  • Q
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    9 years ago

    I guess you consider Fox News to be the liberal media, since they don't seem too fond of him, either. Ann Coulter is especially not fond of him and if you think she's a member of the liberal media, then you must be farther right than Attila the Hun. For all that you like Gingrich, you seem to know nothing about him--he's no further right than Romney is.

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  • 9 years ago

    Fox News AND give Mittens Double Digit leads! WoW Some one call 911 I'm afraid my Scottsdale neighbor has had a stroke! For REAL get over to Thompson Peak Hospital!! WHAT POLL ARE YOU READING THAT SHOWS NEWT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO MITT? Listen if Newt wins tomorrow I'll take you to Morton's on Scottsdale. OR to Mastro's Ocean Club!

  • 9 years ago

    most unlikely that the Sunshine State will fly Newt to the Moon. He'll just have to dream among the stars on his lonesome.

  • 9 years ago

    No, Mitt Romney will win in Florida.

    Notwithstanding your silly rant.

  • Ronald
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    9 years ago

    fl. hes a loser the rest of the states newt will do well.the bubba states that is.

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