minecraft portal help?

ok i found a bunch of the stone that is needed to make a portal and i was wondering can i mine it or do i need to use lava water method?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Okay, just so you know, this isn't the type of thing you put in "Programming and Design" (would be better placed in a gaming section) but luckily I play Minecraft, so you are in luck!

    Basically, with nether portals, you require at least 10 obsidian (which apparently you have found) and in order to obtain this obsidian, you need to use a diamond pick (made with diamonds that are quite rare, and mined with iron+ pick)

    The other method is the lava water method, but while it is quite time consuming, you do not have to go find a ton of diamond. Either way, good luck :)

    Source(s): My years playing Minecraft
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