Was the Renaissance the single most important cultural movement in Western/European history?

In essence, is the Renaissance basically what made the West dominant in the global stage for the past 400-500 years?

Who were the most important figure of the Renaissance?

BQ: Or was it the Age of Enlightenment...? Which one?
Update: @Reaper: LOL Imperialism? Why are you downgrading the West so much? And what caused the Middle east to fall behind?
Update 2: @Matthew: The Enlightenment and Scientific Method was the same thing? I thought it was different o.O
Update 3: @Anti-Cloud: True..but I believe China was dominant, and I think they were a little more advanced. The Compass and Gunpowder, after all....
Update 4: @Old Timer Too: You sir, I believe, hit the mark. The Scientific Revolution might have been the ultimate key.....because the Middle East and China didn't have that, while Europe did.
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