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Was the Renaissance the single most important cultural movement in Western/European history?

In essence, is the Renaissance basically what made the West dominant in the global stage for the past 400-500 years?

Who were the most important figure of the Renaissance?

BQ: Or was it the Age of Enlightenment...? Which one?


@Reaper: LOL Imperialism? Why are you downgrading the West so much? And what caused the Middle east to fall behind?

Update 2:

@Matthew: The Enlightenment and Scientific Method was the same thing? I thought it was different o.O

Update 3:

@Anti-Cloud: True..but I believe China was dominant, and I think they were a little more advanced. The Compass and Gunpowder, after all....

Update 4:

@Old Timer Too: You sir, I believe, hit the mark. The Scientific Revolution might have been the ultimate key.....because the Middle East and China didn't have that, while Europe did.

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    Interesting question.

    Generally speaking, the renaissance (14th - 17th centuries) does not take in the protestant religious movement (16th century onward) or the industrial revolution (1790s to 1860s), both of which had a high impact on society.

    In a way, I would equate the renaissance to the age of enlightenment. Both affected culture, but really went no further than to impact cultural philosophies.

    If anything, I would credit the scientific revolution (16th & 17th centuries) which led to modern science, as the key element to the West's dominance on the global stage. The renaissance, while providing the groundwork for the advances of the sciences is perhaps best known for its artistic developments and the contributions of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo,

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    I'd go for the Reinassance. It represented the emerging of humanity from 1000 yeas of dark ages. It was a time when beauty and art took the form of the ancient greeks and Romans and where people slowly started to open up and rebel against mainstream Catholic religion. It saw the birth of many other new religions and ideas began to flow. Science slowly started to show and inventors were in their hey-day.

    Important figures:

    1.Michael Angelo Buonarotti

    2. Leonardo Da Vinci

    3. Galileo Galilei

    4. Michel du Notradamme

    5. William Shakespeare

    6. Miguel de Cervantes

    A few others.

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    No, imperialism made it dominant. The middle east was full of knowledge too, more-so than Europe. It only has relatively recently deteriorated.

    I'm not downgrading the west, I'm just saying it like it is. The middle east fell behind *because* of western imperialism. Going in and destroying the infrastructure of countries and allowing extremist groups to rise up and fight for power. Imperialism is the reason for all middle eastern problems today.

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    The Age of Enlightenment came out of the Renaissance. Many of America's Founding Father's were inspired by the Enlightenment Era. The American Revolution (which was inspired by the Age of Reason) inspired the French Revolution


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    LOL! The funny part about this is the Middle East was the world's major power of culture, architecture, alchemy, arts, language, etc. Because of it's location and traditions. They even had the cure for the black plague (but of course the Europeans were like 'we dun want no cure from no dang ol' muslims'). What made European Renaissance different was the idea of imperialism and western control.

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    Yes it was, BECAUSE gravity is no more seen as heresy. We have science, we are allowed to think without a church telling us what to do... Legally, we now have human rights and the right to a fair trial instead of being persecuted for something that wasn't done. Find the movie Goya's Ghosts. It touches on that subject.

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    No, it was the Enlightenment. *cough* scientific method *cough*

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    No the tea party no really.

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