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How can I prepare for my Science Fair?

I am presenting my Science Fair project tomorrow. I have practiced my script many, many times. I also have my outfit all planned out in my colour scheme, and all my visuals ready. I really want to get to nationals this year. For some reason, I'm still so nervous, even though I'm prepared. I feel like I'm still missing something, but I don't think I am. I would like some kind of stress relief tips or tips to make my presentation better. Thank you so much!


It's in-class still, so I only have my teacher as my judge, and he's not a very good teacher, so he doesn't ask any questions (other than demeaning rhetorical ones) and he doesn't give feedback either, except for making weird faces that make you feel really bad about yourself somehow :S And I'm in Canada, so I mean CWSF, but ISEF must've been pretty cool :)

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    dont focus on your presentation. focus on what your project is. The most important part is answering the judges questions. Your presentation should really be very very short, less than a minute. The judge will delve into whats important. Dont drown him/her with your details.

    btw if you are talking about isef as nationals, I cant tell you how awesome of an experience it is.

    Source(s): previous success at science fairs
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