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How can you level up quickly in Skyrim?

I have a job, kids, and a significant other. I love to play Skyrim but hate the fact that I have to devote hours of my playing time just to get two points on my Alchemy.

Is there any way to get generally stronger faster?

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    Well Lorna, yes there is a quick way to max out your abilities and level to 81 in less than an hour. This is what you’re going to need..

    1. Be at least Level 15

    2. The daedric artifact Oghma's Infinium

    3. You need to have a home book shelf, like the one you can purchase for your home. I found the one you acquire by purchasing the Alchemy station in your Whiterun home to be the most practical, but any will do.

    You need to be at least to level 15 to start the quest for the Oghma's Infinium, this quest can be started simply by following the main quest line and searching for the Elder Scroll. Once you talk to Septimus Signus at Septimus Signus’s Outpost just north of the College of Winterhold he will reviel to you the location of the scroll and ask you to inscribe a strange cube. In the room with the scroll don’t forget to get the Runed Lexicon back from the stand once you have recovered the scroll. Return back to Signus with the cube. He will explain to you how to open the Dwemer strongbox and send you on an arren to collect blood samples from a dark elf, wood elf, high elves, falmer elf, and an orc. Once you get the samples return to him and he will open the box.

    Once you receive the Oghma's Infinium and open it, turn the page and wait for a second, the book will ask you to select a perk, you will pick the option (DON’T READ). Take the book to your home; make sure you save before attempting this. There, what you’re going to do is read the book, pick a perk, and drop the book out of your inventory as quickly as possible. Reason being is that as soon as you pick a perk, the book will remove itself from your inventory; we don’t want that to happen. I find the best way to do this is right when you’re ready to pick a perk, highlight the perk you want then press A, B, B, X (X, O, O, Square for PS3) as quickly as possible. This should have skipped the book closing sequence and dropped the book out of your inventory.

    What the book does is gives you five point on all of a Classes skillsets. It will become obvious, and quite exciting when it happens. If the book dropped out, you have succeeded, if it diapered, you failed. Assuming you have succeeded simply pick the book up and place it in the Book Shelf, then remove it. When you remove the book from the shelf and wait a moment you will notice that you will get the option to select another perk. You’re going to select (DON’T READ) now repeat the process as needed.

    I have pretty quick fingers and I can max out a character to level 81 in about 30 minutes but I suggest saving often as one slip of the finger and you can lose the book.

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    Train constantly with the trainers throught Skyrim. Fight as many dragons as you can, do lots of bounties, join all the factions.

    Dark Brotherhood = Sneak, Archery, Speechcraft, Lockpicking.

    Thieves Guild = Sneak, Speechcraft, Lockpicking, Pick Pocketing.

    Companions = Melee skills.

    College of Winterhold = All magic skills.

    Need a list of trainers? Look here.

    Source(s): is a wonderful site for help in all Elder Scrolls games.
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    Every time you find a copy of shalidor's writings for Urag gro-Shub he will reward you with 3 points in one of the magic skills. Doing quests for the Bards College earns you 6 points per skill for each item retrieved.

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    yes there is and the producers of skyrim made this way for people like you who dont really have time. somewhere near helgen there are three standing stones. activate one of these standing stones. One is mage, the other attack, the other range. If you activate them then you level up almost 5 times faster than regular.

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    play the game how it is choose skills u want to use focus primarily on those skills everytime u play and i am sure u will level up

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    look for people to train you, if your willing to pay the gold.

    Skyrim is a great game and i love it, but to really make progress it takes soo much time!

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    Make leather armor or iron daggers to level smithing easly and go to high hrathgar change diffuculty master and attack greybeard while sneaking

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    You need to complete a quest to get its a book called oghma infinium forget the quest though nut this works if you do it right you can be 81 in like 10 minutes.

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    Go to youtube to figure out how to boost magic because its the fastest form of boosting and very easy. Also do your smithing and if you have shadow mere hit the crap out of it to get your one handed and two handed up.

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    if you are on the PC, use the command "player.forceav" to get right to level 81.

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