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Dog training problems?

I have three dogs, 2 yorkies and a maltese. They are 7 years old and I've always had a big issue with the 2 males marking their territory all over the house, but besides that, they are trained to go on their pee pads and outside. I decided to leave the 2 yorkies (male and female) at my house and take the maltese (male) with me to my apartment at school to see if I can train him better. It's been a week and he won't go to the bathroom outside. I've been trying to train him to go on the pee pad, which is by the door and he has gone there a few times. When he goes on the pad, I praise him and give him treats. However, he has not pooped there. When he has gone pee on the rug, I've cleaned it with pet stain removal and put the towel on his pee pad so he can learn thats where he needs to go. I've told him NO when he has gone on the rug. When I see him about to poop, I say NO, carry him to the pee pad, but he won't end up going until I end up leaving. Am I scaring him? I keep him in the living room when I'm gone and he has no access to any other room. I'm also confused as to why he loves to hide his bones under his pee pads and mess them up when he should know that he has to pee there.

My questions are what am I doing wrong? How do I get him to poop on the pee pad? If I keep doing this will he learn to go on the pee pad all the time?

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    Well, there are a number of different issues here. You took a 7 yr old dog into a new environment and away from his pack. Quite stressful. He is confused and anxious.

    Get a crate and crate him while you are not home. Keep his bone or toy in the crate.

    Take him out for a long walk on a leash before you leave and as soon as you get home, also first thing when you wake up, last thing before bed. Proper exercise solves a lot of problems.

    I am guessing you want him to go inside on a pad to relieve you of your responsibility of walking him as often as you should. Eventually he will probably get it, a week is not very long, but it's not the best situation. Stop thinking like a person and think like a dog.

    He's bored, lonely, confused, anxious, in a new environment, lost his pack, lacking in exercise and cannot reason like a human does. He will go to the bathroom outside if you give him enough time and praise/reward when he does. You are trying to get him to do things on your time table, not his. Exercise will stimulate him to go potty also.

    When you see him about to poop and say NO, you are telling him not to poop. Again, think like a dog, he doesn't know that you mean don't poop there, he thinks you mean don't poop. Carrying him to the pad is too little, too late, you just scolded him for almost pooping now you want him to on command.

    Are the males neutered? Intact males will mark more than neutered males. You could try a belly band to help with the marking and peeing inside.

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    The excellent strategy to teach a puppy to not mouth is "substitution". Wrap your thumb and index finger across the puppy snout with best sufficient stress to keep the mouth closed. Then inform the puppy "no-chew" adopted instantly with "right here" as you hand the puppy the toy that you just remembered to have helpful for the get together.

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