Should I take my chances trying to walk onto UTSA baseball team or just join a community colleges team?

Well.. I understand that the chances of walking on to a Division I team are very slim. I am only 1 credit away from receiving an AA degree. Should I just stick around at the CC level (d3) and get exposure from that team before attempting to play for a D1 team? or Should I just try out for UTSA? I am 23.. and believe I do have the potential of playing for a d1 team, but regardless I do want to play for a chance to be seen by scouts/bigger universities. I've been leaning towards the Community college level because I'm more likely to play more. Any advice helps!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Talk to the coach at your cc. There are normally other students on the cc team whose plans are to transfer on to a four year school and play for them, either D1 or D2, so he should be able to offer you some advice. But in general, I do like the idea of you playing for the cc team, so you get some actual play time.

  • 4 years ago

    that's to no longer previous by using connect a CC baseball group. This season is winding down for CC baseball, yet once you talk with the coach you may initiate off determining with the group for the time of summer season and wintry climate workouts for next season. so a approaches as education for pitching, prepare is the foremost. artwork on you mechanics. Throw 50-eighty pitches three times a week. do no longer throw too lots in any different case your arm would be jello via the season. And getting your legs sturdy is fundamental for pitching. So working is extensive.

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