Korean Dramas based on Manga/Anime?

Ive been watching the Korean TV version of Boys Over Flowers, and then I watched the Korean version of You're Beautiful!! Im seriously in love :3

Can you recommend anything similar? I have a lot of free time on my hands lately, and Im looking for similar romantic/comedy/manga dramas <3

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    9 years ago
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    Truthfully Korean dramas do not tend to be based on mangas but Japanese dramas do

    The only korean drama based on mangas or anime I know is Boys over flowers and playful kiss and they both have japanese versions

    You're Beautiful was not based off an anime or manga but it had the feel

    I'll recommend dramas with the manga and anime feel:

    my girlfriend is a gumiho- the cutest drama i've ever watched

    playful kiss- actually based of a manga/anime. really cheesy- has the guy from boys over flowers(second lead male)

    prosecutor princess- really nice

    city hunter- after all the cuty stuff with the anime/manga made into drama this is realistic and has some action

    secret garden- everyone favorite drama

    sungkyunkwan scandal- a drama you cant hate, really had some good looking people.

    49 days- sometimes you need to share some tears

    if you liked lee min ho(the male lead) from boy over flowers watch personal preference or city hunter he's the lead in both

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    9 years ago

    Famous korean dramas ill list in order from top.

    1. Secret Garden(highly recommended)

    2. City Hunter

    3. Personal preference( main character is the main from boys over flower)

    4. Greatest Love

    5. IRIS

    6. Athena the goddess of war.

    These dramas are a must watch drama hope i helped :D Have fun

    P.S City hunter, IRIS, Athena is action drama with a sprinkle of romance

    Source(s): I am korean.
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    Playful Kiss

    Skip Beat-it is a taiwan drama but siwon and donghae are in it.

    Goong/Princess Hours

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    Goong - from korean manhwa Goong starring Joo Ji Hun & Yoon Eun Hye

    He is so gorgeous - from korean manhwa of the same title

    Marry me Marry or Marry stays out all night - from korean manhwa starring Jang Geun Suk

    You're my pet - from japanese manga Kimi wa Petto starring Jang Geun Suk

    Antique Bakery - from japanese manga of the same title starring Joo Ji Hun

    those are what I know of

    + emo

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    Playful kiss based on the anime itazura na kiss

  • 9 years ago

    Playful kiss= itazura na kiss

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