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I feel like a failure for some reason..?

I am 24 female graduated BA in Communication Digital Media w/ Studio Art minor. Have some exp in Web Design/Web Development/etc... but it's been how many months now and I still don't have a job... I've honestly never had any job exp except for a few freelancing jobs I did... I only have my driving permit. I took the driving exam some months ago and failed it which surprised me bc I thought I was going to pass. Trying again soon. I still live w/ my parents. Never been on my own. I don't go out much or at all. Actually these past months I've been stuck at home. Just..home doing nothing. It feels like I'm wasting my life away. I've always lived a sheltered life... My first relationship ever went down hill & it's affecting me a lot more than it should. Actually sometimes it seems like that's what initiated me to feel like this.. tho I know I shouldn't blame it all on that. Now I lost all my motivation. Idk what I'm doing anymore & I don't know what I want to do/etc. I used to have all these goals...but now it's like I don't know anymore. I feel like a loser. No job, no social life, etc. I'm kind of socially awkward & not really sociable tho I can get along with people pretty easily once I feel comfortable/open up/etc... But idk..sometimes I just don't like interacting with people that much..I mean right now I honestly don't yet I do sometimes. I'm soo confused. Is something wrong with me??? Seriously. I want to be normal. I want to get out there & meet ppl, interact, etc.... But it's so hard when you're not so sociable/you're kinda socially awkward like me.. It's like I prefer being alone yet deep down I really don't. Idk. I know what I should do but it's so hard for me to initiate it.. Help? Oh btw I have a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances...


i also want to add that i live in a small city that almost look like a small town.. so there really is not much for me to do.

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    Well, you don't have to feel bad about anything. There is nothing "wrong with you". It's just life. Have you ever heard that there are many ups and downs life? Guess where you are at the moment.

    You are not the only one who feels this way from time to time. I'm the same way. I have a brother (Little mind you) Who's graduated school, something that I haven't done, and has more friends, that he speaks to on a daily basis, now he's in college with me, and "Knows what he wants to do, when I'm not so sure myself. To top it off he's been working extra hard to get a job, while I feel like my own attempts would be thwarted, because I haven't graduated yet.

    Seems like I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, right? First, I understand that right now my circumstances suck, and while I agree they suck and would like them to change, I understand, and consciously acknowledge that I possess no time rendering super power to do so. It's not like I'm giving up, though. I'm just understanding that there are some things about circumstances that I'm in that can't be changed so quickly. Some things are gradual, and take time. Patience is needed during times like these. At times I feel sad, frustrated, confused, alone, and behave a bit like a recluse. It happens. Honestly, it sorta comforts me to know I'm not the only one that feels this way (even if it seems like an azz hole thing to say).

    If you don't know it already, learn to take things in stride. Since I'm still in college, I've had that over whelming feeling, and you may know what I mean. You have 7 assignments due at soon, a presentation to prepare and a limited time to do it. When something like this happened to me, I overloaded. Situations like this don't just happen to college student, overloading can happen over a multitude of things.

    Your situation is a good example. When I overloaded, it felt like everything was being thrown in my face, and it was just too much. So, I took a deep breath and came to and understanding of my situation, looked at the situation logically, since I'm a realist, and literally spoke aloud to myself. You know what I said? "I'm only one person.Circumstances warrant that I can only do so much at a time." A phrase I live by, is "Do what you can, while you can, when you can." There is no use worrying over something that's out of your control. Take care of what you can, when you can, while you can. If it's possible for you to tackle an issue that you need to address in a timely manner, then do so. From what you wrote above your maximizing your time, doing this. If you are doing what you can, when you can, while you can, then I wouldn't worry about what it is that you can't do just yet.

    As far as friendship, you sorta sound like me. I prefer to make life long friends, not superficial ones. There are people out there that are interested in true friendship, and I'm talking about the friend where your car breaks down or your kids need a baby sitter, or you need a ride, and they'll pick you up. To me the ones I've described are true forever friends worth keeping. People who call you, just to ask what you are doing, and want to run this place or that, I'd consider a friend.

    With the whole staying in the house thing, there stuff you can do in your neighborhood. Soup kitchen, cake classes, arts and craft classes, bowling, karaoke, swimming, little league, coaching, brother/sister program, crocheting, knitting, scrap-booking, Facebook or anything internet related, sewing, cooking, cooking classes, antiquing, walking in the park, Ice skating, roller skating, bird watching, Photography, photography class, library. In your spare time plan for your future, wedding, car, house, kids, Would you consider adoption, yes or no? What names would you like for your kids? What type of guy are you looking for? where do you see yourself in 5 or so years? My point, is you are young and have your whole life ahead of you! Things won't be like this always, they can't be since nothing lasts forever. Until the next big thing comes, enjoy your down time, do what you can while you can, and don't worry about what you can't do. Take life in stride. Also I'm free for E-mailing anytime. If you feel like talking advice or whatever. Seriously, life is an adventure, this is how I view it.

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  • 4 years ago

    For me, I believe like a failure since I get dangerous grades in college. Because of this, I get depressed whilst I feel approximately my long run and haven't any experience of path so far as careers pass. And whilst humans question me what I desire to do with my existence, that still makes me believe worse approximately myself since I simply have no idea what I desire to do

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