Write traditional news lead based on the following collections and information?

In each case you are writing for a newspaper dated tomorrow and read in the town in which the events occurred. I am totally confused can someone help me?

1. Litchfield County Board of Supervisors met tonight at the County Building, 8 p.m.

2. A memorial minute was read for the late William Hussel, former county attorney, who passed away last week.

3. After discussion, the supervisors voted 5-0 lengthen the hours of operation of as county parks by 15 minutes.

4. Parks will now be open from 7 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.

5. Beach parks at the lakes, however, will remain on their old hours.

6. County Agricultural Commissioner Graydon Hall made a special report.

7. Hall reported that gypsy moth caterpillars had recently been detected in sections of the county.

8. Hall says research he has done suggests the caterpillars could damage, by eating the leaves and ruining their health, thousands of trees in the county.

9. Hall warned that spread of the caterpillars could threaten the county's million dollar apple industry.

10. Hall said only a few dozen of the pests had been seen in the county, but that he was afraid they would multiply.

11. This, Hall reported, was the first time gypsy moth caterpillars had been seen in this area in 10 years.

12. Hall said he would investigate aerial spraying alternatives but that nothing had been decided on what to do.

13. This was the first announcement of the sighting of gypsy moth caterpillars in the county.

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    I don't understand the assignment either, "for each case writing for a newspaper dated tomorrow and read in the town in which the events occurred". The assignment makes sense but the cases don't seem the fit with the assignment.

    It's best that you ask your teacher because you are not only the one confused.

    Good luck.


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