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Are there healthy fast food restaurants?

I would love to have a fast-food restaurant near me that serves sandwiches, salads, fruit smoothies (without the additivies that make it 500 calories!), etc. My city is very upset about a proposed McDonald's in town, because we are know for healthy living (and vegetarians, but I like my meat, LOL). There's no law that allows it to refuse McD to set up in town, and I think they are going about this all wrong anyway. I think they need to encourage healthy fast food places. I know there are Subway's, Quizno's, and places like that, but they never have drive-throughs. It's the drive-throughs that make it convenient and worthwhile. So...any ideas anyone?

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    It's actually rather easy to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant, if you know what to eat. And no it's not the veggie sandwiches at Subway or even some sad skinless chicken breast. What you need to do is simply avoid sugar and carbohydrates, that's it. As long as you do this and keep your calorie count to a reasonable level (1800 to 3000 depending on your size, age, gender and activity level) and avoid the carbs and sugar you can eat fast food without worry. Some folks will tell you that the sodium levels are too high in processed food, they're wrong. Study after study has show that sodium does NOT cause high blood pressure or heart decease, and it will cause problems for those who already have these risks a whopping 2% of the time. Other will tell you that the fat content is too high, these folks are also wrong. Saturated fats (animal fat) does NOT make you fat, or cause diabetes. People are pointing at Paula Dean as proof that butter and fat are unhealthy because she has diabetes, of course they blame the butter and fat in her cooking while ignoring all the sugar and flour (carbs spike your blood sugar) and of course diabetes is a problem processing SUGAR not fat.

    If you'd like to learn about which food's are actually unhealthy and which foods are good for you, you should watch the film Fat Head.

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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipes Guide -
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    Healthy Food Near Me

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    Depends on where you are. In North Texas, Subway is pretty much the only healthy place to go and even some of their items pack on the calories. Quizno's is ok, but it really depends what you order there too.

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    Well you have got some major facts wrong. You do not have those fast food places to blame. You are fat because you CHOSE to eat there and you CHOSE to not work out and exercise. So for you to say that it's the fast food places that made you fat that's just wrong. So your telling me that Fast Food places like McDonalds forced upon you there food for you to eat? I HIGHLY doubt that. If you don't want to "get big" then tell yourself "I don't want to get fat so I'm going to make myself a nice healthy dinner at HOME". Then I'm going to go to the gym and EXERCISE. Please just don't ever say that you owe being fat to the Fast Food restaurants. McDonalds is not to blame, YOU are. Anyways, I think it's a good idea. IF... people actually had the will-power to not go to those Fast Food Places.

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    Its all about moderation.The goverment doesnt really need to tell people how to live their lives. Many fast food places have salads and such and you can ask them to leave off the chicken. Skip the coke and have a ice water or tea. Even smoothies.

    as for drive thoughs in subway. Very few have one. I know this as I know of two locations in my area that do.

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    Fast food places are trying to be more healthy these days. Salads and grilled foods like grilled chicken are healthy to eat.

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