If a minor is charged with accomplice to murder?

If a minor is charged with accomplice to murder at twelve, would they be tried as a adult or a minor? Assuming they're found guilty, how long might they be sentenced if they're tried as an adult? Would it be in a juvenile detention center? Would the sentence be the same if they are tried as a minor?

*Writing a story, thank you in advance!


Okay, suppose she's charged with accomplice to a serial killing; As in, several murders. She is found with the killer draining blood and pulverizing teeth in the basement of a broken down bakery shop.

Would she be tried as an adult?

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    9 years ago
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    Depends on what state she is being charged in and the juvenile court judge.

    In my state a juvenile as young as 14 can be charged with such a serious offense., in others 16 and in a few down to 12.

    IN all cases a juvenile court judge holds a hearing first to decide if the juvenile can be tried under the laws of that state as an adult.

    All juveniles while being held in custody stay in a juvenile detention facility, even after being found guilty and sentenced as an adult.

    Once they get to an adult age, 18 in most states but 17 in many others, they would then get transferred to a regular adult prison for the rest of their time.

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    Not that young not as an adult no. Depending in their part and the severity to it. They can only hold you up to 18. If you are charged as an adult you would be transferred to a state prison after you served your years up to 18 at juvy.

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    As a adult

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    It all depends on how violent the murder was.

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