if U.S. Postal Service slashes 260,000 jobs, will the unemployment go back up?

or are they waiting for Romney or Newt to become President and then blame the rise of Unemployment on them?

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    9 years ago
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    In reality, 260,000 is not that significant a number in a population of 320,000,000...

    And the currently proposed number of eliminated jobs is only 120,000 in any case, according the Post Office....the only "source" I could find for 260,000 jobs being cut was....the Drudge Report....mildly popular, but frequently in error in the numbers and "facts" they choose to report;


  • 9 years ago

    Lets hope the Postal Service goes bankrupt and belly up. It's a drain on tax dollars and it's a national tragedy to allow the federal government sole monopolistic control over all mail and even our mail BOXES. It's MY mail box. It's MY tax dollars. It's MY government, they work for ME, I don't work for THEM.

    How many people understand WHY the feds want a monopoly over the mail system and has since it's inception? You know how many people are up in arms about the government censoring the internet???

    What on EARTH do you think the Postal Service is? Before the internet, we had:

    Newspapers (corps which own the govt own the newspapers).

    Telegraph wire service (corps which own the govt owned the telegraph).

    Television (corps which own the govt own the television stations).

    The MAIL SERVICE. If corps own the government, and the government runs the postal service...then if A = B, and B = C, then C must equal A. Isn't that what we all learned?

    The reason operation paperclip exists (look that one up), the reason operation mockingbird exists (look that one up too), is to control all you see, hear, think, know, and believe.

    Let the travesty of the Postal Service END. Let our mindless thoughtless dependence on the Postal Service END. Let the control of all news of all media of all information be FREE.

  • 9 years ago


    Obama inherited a nation losing 500,000/month from republican George Bush.

    The unemployment rate was 8.2% during Bush' last day as president.

    The unemployment rate now is 8.4%.

    And people are actually blaming Obama for unemployment.

    Do you understand how dumb people are for blaming Obama?

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, unemployment causes the unemployment rate to rise.

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