University of Cincy or Ohio University?

I'm going crazy here! If you would have to choose, which college would you go to? Just out of curiosity...thanx ;)

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  • 8 years ago
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    I went to Ohio University and I live in Cincinnati now. UC is a very good school. If you are going into Engineering both have excellent programs but UC requires co-oping which is very beneficial. Both also have excellent Business Colleges. UC for Graphic Arts and Architecture. OU for Communications and Journalism. UC for Nursing and Law. Both have good Teaching programs, and IT programs.

    After that the big difference is Very Urban vs. Very Rural. Which do you prefer.

    UC is right in the middle of a not so nice part of town. If you stay on campus you are relatively safe. The campus is very modern and beautiful. However, right across the street is the slums, and a very tough high school sits right beside campus. You don't want to be around when they release these kids for lunch and after school. I'm not exaggerating, look up the crime rates for Clifton.

    OU is in the middle of now where. No real shopping outside of Walmart within a 1 hr. drive. Their are very cute shops and the basics in town and the Athens Mall is nothing to speak of. The town and college brings in alot of culture and good bands so there is stuff to do. If you like trees and hiking there is plenty of that to do. I enjoyed the isolation(insulation) from the outside world.

    Assuming you have applied and been accepted by both. Remember, you can always transfer if you aren't happy. It happens all the time.

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  • 8 years ago

    It depend on your field of education for sure, but generally if wanna choose between Cincy university and Ohio State University, the second is obviously better because it have good rank in university ranking and better departments. but if you mean Ohio university, in fact its as garbage as Cincy University so be RELAX !

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  • 8 years ago

    I've never visited Ohio but UC has an amazing campus and I've heard it's great. If you like the

    both and would be happy with either decision, then go with the one you can go to for less money. College debt piles up fast!

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