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How would I write chakra doesn't work in Japanese?

I'm writing a FanFic and wnat to know how to phrase "Chakra doesn't work world" in romaji

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    "Chakra doesn't work"

    romaji: Chakura wa kinou shinai.

    kana (japanese characters): チャクラが機能しない。

    (you say "chakra doesn't work world" underneath which doesn't sound like proper english to me and may or may not be a typo, but just in case here is the closest grammatically correct interpretation i could think of):

    "Chakra doesn't work in this world."

    romaji: Chakura wa kono sekaide wa kinou shinai.

    kana (japanese characters): チャクラはこの世界では機能しない。

    Source(s): native japanese :)
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    chakra is basically what they use in order to get power to do taijustu, ninjustu and genjustu....if you have no more chakra you have lost the fight because u cannot make any more moves

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