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YWWE Royal Rumble pick winners and rate matches and show?

Raw GM- Abraham Washington

Smackdown GM- Eric Bishoff

Interim ECW GM- Joey Styles

WWE Champion- Edge

World Heavyweight Champion- Chris Jericho

ECW Champion- Rob Van Dam

Intercontinental Champion- Alberto Del Rio

United States Champion- Christian

Television Champion- Umaga

European Champion- Cody Rhodes

Hardcore Champion- Tommy Dreamer

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

X-Division Champion- Evan Bourne

Women's Champion- Angelina Love

Diva's Champion- Natalya

Knockout's Champion- Brooke

World Tag Team Champions- Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield

WWE Tag Team Champions- Bryan Danielson & Kaval

ECW Tag Team Champions- The Dudley Boyz

1. Orlando Jordan & Bo Rotundo v Duke Rotundo & Heath Slater

Interveiw with Eddie Guerrero. He says this is his night. No one is going to stop him from going to Wrestlemania. He will lie, cheat and steal his way through the Royal Rumble and go on to become the World Heavyweight Champion

2. Natalya(c) v Melina v Lita v Beth Phoenix(Diva's Championship Fatal Fourway)

Interveiw with Rey Mysterio. He says he has been waiting months for a match with RVD. Tonight they will tear the roof off the arena. He promises a Match of the Year candidate

3. Mark Henry & Awesome Kong v Big Daddy V & Brodus Clay

Interveiw with Wade Barrett and Nexus. Barrett is asked if he is nervous about the Rumble tonight being the #1 entrant. He says no. What does he have to be afraid of? He has his right hand man, David Otunga with him in the Rumble who will sacrifice himself in order for Barrett to win. JBL steps in and he and Barrett stare eachother down. Nothing else is said

4. The Dudley Boyz(c) v Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins(ECW Tag Team Championships)

Interview with Shawn Michaels. He looks very focused. All he says his tonight he will take the first step in reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship

Velvet Sky and Eve are backstage in their dressing room. Eve tells Velvet she knows Velvet can win the Women's title tonight. Velvet smiles and says thanks for the vote of confidence and kisses Eve as they leave for the ring

5. Angelina Love(c) v Velvet Sky w/ Eve Torres(Women's Championship)

6. RVD(c) v Rey Mysterio(ECW Championship)

Edge is backstage on the ground clutching his knee. Several officials rush to his aid as all he says is "that little bastard"

Interveiw with Mr. Kennedy. He says tonight begins his Road to Wrestlemania. Tonight he enters as #42. The last spot. There is NO WAY anyone will eliminate him NO WAY! Not Wade Barrett. Not Shawn Michaels. Not Eddie Guerrero. Not even the Bastion Booger. Wait... He isn't in the Rumble. The point is, tonight your Royal Rumble winner will be... MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... KEEENNNNNEEEEDDDDDYYYY..... Kennedy

7. Chris Jericho(c) v Batista v Bryan Danielson v Kaval(World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Fourway)

Triple H and Vince McMahon are in the ring waiting for Edge to come out. When he doesn't Triple H is about to be announced the winner but they wont take a forfeit victory. Vince demands that Edge come out or he will strip him of the title and give it to Triple H. Edge's music hits and he limps out. As he limps to the ring, The Miz comes out and clips his knee and begins to stomp on him

8. Edge(c) v Triple H w/ Vince McMahon(WWE Championship)

9. Royal Rumble

Rumble Order

1. Wade Barrett

2. Jinder Mahal

3. Samoa Joe

4. John Morrison

5. AJ Styles

6. Ted Dibiase, Jr.

7. "Cowboy" James Storm

8. Daivari

9. Sheamus

10. Robert Roode

11. Goldberg

12. Shelton Benjamin

13. Shane Douglas

14. Umaga

15. Kane

16. Sin Cara

17. Desmond Wolfe

18. JBL

19. David Otunga

20. Eddie Guerrero

21. Shawn Michaels

22. The Miz

23. John Cena

24. Muhammed Hassan

25. Brock Lesnar

26. Cody Rhodes

27. The Rock

28. Mark Henry

29. Christian

30. Eric Young

31. Owen Hart

32. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

33. Bobby Lashley

34. Kofi Kingston

35. Big Show

36. CM Punk

37. Hernandez

38. Drew McIntyre

39. Dolph Ziggler

40. King Booker

41. Alberto Del Rio

42. Mr. Kennedy

for BA list eliminations in the Royal Rumble

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    1. Duke Rotundo & Heath Slater - 8/10.

    Interview 1 - 9/10

    2. Natalya - 10/10.

    Interview 2 - 9/10

    3. Mark Henry & Awesome Kong - 10/10.

    Interview 3 - 8.5/10

    4. The Dudley Boyz - 9/10.

    Interview 4 - 8/10

    Backstage 1 - 10/10

    5. Velvet Sky w/ Eve Torres - 9.5/10.

    6. Rey Mysterio - 10/10.

    Backstage 2 - 8/10

    Interview 5 - 10/10

    7. Kaval - 10/10.

    In ring segment - 10/10.

    8. Triple H w/ Vince McMahon - 10/10.

    9. Christian 10/10.

    #1) Jinder Mahal eliminated by JBL

    #2) The Miz eliminated by John Morrison

    #3) Drew McIntyre eliminated by John Morrison

    #4) Alberto Del Rio eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

    #5) JBL eliminated by Brock Lesnar

    #6) Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Eric Younf

    #7) Muhammed Hassan eliminated by Umaga

    #8) Daivari eliminated by Wade Barrett

    #9) Eric Young eliminated by Umaga and Samoa Joe

    #10) Bobby Lashley eliminated Brock Lesnar

    #11) Brock Lesnar eliminated by Umaga

    #12) Wade Barrett eliminated by Mr Kennedy

    #13) David Otunga eliminated by John Morrison

    #14) Cody Rhodes eliminated by Ted Dibiase

    #15) Ted Dibiase eliminated by Shane Douglas

    #16) Umaga eliminated by Samoa Joe

    #17) Samoa Joe eliminated by The Rock

    #18) Mr. Kennedy eliminated by The Rock

    #19) Robert Roode eliminated by James Storm

    #20) AJ Styles eliminated by James Storm

    #21) Mark Henry eliminated by Big Show

    #22) Big Show eliminated by Kane

    #23) Shane Douglas eliminated by Kofi Kingston

    #24) The Rock eliminated by John Cena

    #25) John Cena eliminated by Goldberg

    #26) Hernandez eliminated by Sheamus

    #27) Shelton Benjamin eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    #28) Sin Cara eliminated by Owen Hart

    #29) Sheamus eliminated by Goldberg

    #30) Goldberg eliminated by Stone Cold

    #31) James Storm eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    #32) Stone Cold eliminated by CM Punk

    #33) CM Punk eliminated by Kofi Kingston

    #34) Eddie Guerrero eliminated by Kane

    #35) Kofi Kingston and John Morrison eliminate each other at same time

    #36) King Booker eliminated by Christian

    #37) Shawn Michaels eliminated by Desmond Wolfe

    #38) Desmond Wolfe eliminated by Christian

    #39) Kane eliminated by Owen Hart

    #40) Owen Hart eliminated by Christian

    #41) "Captain Charisma" Christian is the 2012 Royal Rumble WINNER!

    YWWE Royal Rumble - 9.4/10. Fantastic RR, Awesome PPV and match card to get the ball rolling until Wrestlemania

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  • 8 years ago

    Match 1(winners Duke Rotundo & Heath Slater)(7/10)

    Match 2(winner Melina)(9/10)

    Match 3(winners Mark Henry & Awesome Kong)(7/10)

    Match 4(winners The Dudley Boyz)(8/10)

    Match 5(winner Angelina Love)(8/10)

    Match 6(winner RVD)(10/10)

    Match 7(winner Chris Jericho)(10/10)(Best Match)

    Match 8(winner Edge)(10/10)

    Match 9(winner CM Punk)(10/10)

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  • Zephos
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Duke Rotundo & Heath Slater


    Brodus Clay

    Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

    Velvet Sky



    Triple H

    Christian wins the royal rumble

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  • Match 1-winners Duke Rotundo & Heath Slater-5/10

    Promo 1-7/10

    Match 2-winner Melina-9/10

    Promo 2-7/10

    Match 3-winners Big Daddy V & Brodus Clay-6/10

    Promo 3-7/10

    Match 4-winners The Dudley Boyz-7.5/10

    Promo 4-7/10

    Promo 5-7/10

    Match 5-winner Angelina Love-8/10

    Match 6-winner RVD-9/10

    Promo 6-7/10(Hornswoggle!)

    Promo 7-7/10

    Match 7-winner Chris Jericho-9/10

    Promo 8-8/10

    Match 8-winner Edge-9/10

    Match 9-winner CM Punk-10/10

    AJ Styles eliminates Jinder Mahal

    Samoa Joe eliminates Ted Dibiase, Jr.

    Wade Barrett eliminates Daivari

    Sheamus eliminates John Morrison

    "Cowboy" James Storm eliminates Wade Barrett

    Beer Money eliminates Samoa Joe

    Goldberg eliminates Sheamus

    Goldberg eliminates Shelton Benjamin

    AJ Styles eliminates Shane Douglas

    Umaga eliminates Beer Money

    Goldberg eliminates Kane

    Goldberg eliminates Sin Cara

    Desmond Wolfe eliminates AJ Styles

    Umaga eliminates JBL

    Desmond Wolfe eliminates David Otunga

    Eddie Guerrero eliminates Desmond Wolfe

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Goldberg

    Umaga eliminates The Miz

    John Cena eliminates Umaga

    Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels, & John Cena eliminates Muhammed Hassan

    Brock Lesnar eliminates Eddie Guerrero

    The Rock eliminates Brock Lesnar

    Mark Henry eliminates Cody Rhodes

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Christian

    John Cena eliminates Eric Young

    Mark Henry eliminates Owen Hart

    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin eliminates John Cena

    Bobby Lashley eliminates Hernandez

    Kofi Kingston eliminates Mark Henry

    Big Show eliminates Kofi Kingston

    Big Show eliminates Bobby Lashley

    The Rock eliminates Big Show

    CM Punk eliminates Drew McIntyre

    CM Punk eliminates Dolph Ziggler

    The Rock eliminates King Booker

    The Rock eliminates Hernandez

    Shawn Michaels eliminates The Rock

    CM Punk eliminates Alberto Del Rio

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Mr. Kennedy

    CM Punk eliminates Shawn Michaels

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Orlando Jordan & Bo Rotundo

    2. Beth Phoenix

    3. Kong & Henry

    4. Ryer & Hawkins

    5. Velvet Sky

    6. RVD

    7. Kaval

    8. Triple H

    9. Morrison

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  • 8 years ago

    Match 1-Duke and Heath win. 8/10

    Interview with Eddie: Awesome! 9/10

    Match 2-Beth Phoenix wins the title. PERFECT Diva's match. 10/10

    Interview with Rey Rey: It's possible. 9/10

    Match 3-The newest fat *** Brodus Clay wins. 9/10

    Interview with the Nexus: OH YES. 10/10

    Match 4-Dudley Boyz retain. 10/10

    Shawn Michaels interview: Lets hope. 10/10

    HLA(Kinda): Nice build up. 10/10

    Match 5-Love retains. 9/10

    Match 6-RVD retains. 10/10

    Edge's segment: HORNSWOGGLE TURNS HEEL!!!! WHAT A SWERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10

    Mr. Kennedy's interview: Nice stuff from the loud mouth. 10/10'

    Match 7-Batista wins the World Title. 10/10

    Vince's segment: F'd up! 10/10

    Match 8-Edge retains via DQ. 9/10

    The Royal Rumble: Wade Barrett wins by last eliminating Mr. Kennedy. 10/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 85/90 A+

    Promo/Segment Value: 78/80 A+

    Show Value: 163/170 A+

    Show Wrap Up:

    MOTN: The Rumble

    P/SOTN: Hornswoggle screws Edge

    TOTN: None read

    Closing Comments:

    **AWESOME, NEAR PERFECT PPV. You went crazy with the interviews, but they all were entertaining. All the matches were great, and the feuds continue. Solid PPV, keep it up.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    slater & duke 5

    beth 10

    kong & henry 5

    zack ryder & hawkins 7

    velvet sky w/ eve 7

    rvd 10

    danielson 10

    triple h 10

    final four RR:



    Dolph Ziggler

    winner: John Cena

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  • 4 years ago

    1. Yoshi Tatsu(c) v Chavo Guerrero (Cruiserweight Championship) Chavo 2. Beer Money v Motor City Machine Guns Beer Money 3. Mickie James, Eve Torres & Nikki Bella v Michelle McCool, Sarita & Rosita team mickie 4. Shelton Benjamin(c) v MVP v Carlito (Intercontinental Championship) Carlito 5. Natalya(c) v Layla (Diva's Championship) Natalya 6. Chris Benoit v Bobby Lashley vacated ECW Championship Bobby Lashley 7. Shawn Michaels(c) v Rob van Dam World Heavyweight Championship HBK 8. Kane(c) v Brock Lesnar WWE Championship Brock Royal Rumble winner Owen Hart

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Orlando Jordan & Bo Rutondo

    2. Melina

    3. Mark Henry & Awesome Kong

    4. The Dudley Boyz (c)

    5. Angelina Love (c)

    6. Rey Mysterio

    7. Chris Jericho (c)

    8. Triple H

    Elimination Order:

    1. Jinder Mahal eliminated by Wade Barrett & John Morrison

    2. Samoa Joe eliminated by Umaga

    3. Davarai eliminated by Umaga

    4. Robert Roode eliminated by Ted DiBiase Jr.

    5. Goldberg eliminated by Umaga

    6. James Storm eliminated by Kane

    7. Wade Barrett eliminated by Kane

    8. Shane Douglas eliminated by Kane & Umaga

    9. Sheamus eliminated by Kane & Umaga

    10. Umaga eliminated by Kane

    11. Kane eliminated by Umaga

    12. Desmond Wolfe eliminated by Ted DiBiase Jr. & John Morrison

    13. Sin Cara eliminated by JBL

    14. AJ Styles eliminated by John Cena

    15. John Cena eliminated by JBL & Shawn Michaels

    16. John Morrison eliminated by JBL

    17. David Otunga eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    18. JBL eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    19. The Miz eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    20. Cody Rhodes eliminated by Ted DiBiase Jr.

    21. Shelton Benjamin eliminated by Muhammed Hassan

    22. Ted DiBiase Jr. eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    23. Brock Lesnar eliminated by Eddie Guerrero & Shawn Michaels

    24. Muhammed Hassan eliminated by Shawn Michaels

    25. Eric Young eliminated by The Rock ( shortest time - eliminated in 5 seconds)

    26. Mark Henry eliminated by The Rock

    27. The Rock eliminated by Shawn Michaels ( had a stare down for a minute)

    28. Shawn Michaels eliminated by The Rock

    29. Christian eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin

    30. Owen Hart eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin

    31. Eddie Guerrero eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin

    32. Kofi Kingston eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin

    33. Hernandez eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin

    34. Stone Cold Steve Austin eliminated by CM Punk

    35. CM Punk eliminated by Bobby Lashley

    36. Bobby Lashley eliminated by The Big Show

    37. Drew McIntyre eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

    38. Dolph Ziggler eliminated by The Big Show

    39. Alberto Del Rio eliminated The Big Show

    40. King Booker eliminated by Mr. Kennedy

    41. Mr. Kennedy eliminated by The Big Show

    Royal Rumble WINNER: The Big Show

    Overall: 10/10. Perfect Card. Road to YWWE WrestleMania begins.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    duke and heath


    big daddy v and brodus clay

    zack ryder curt hawkins

    velvet sky



    triple h


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