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I have been abused by police officer off duty, any suggestions what should I do?

Yesterday I was driving on A127 from Southend on Sea towards M25 motorway. On the way I cached up with a civil vehicle which was driving very slowly and as I got closer to him he started slowing down even more, from about 60mph to about 40 mph, and then he moved away and I could see on the back mirror the driver showing me abusive signs but I flashed my hazard lights as sign of apology and continued driving.

Few minutes later I see the same car speeding up towards me still showing abusive signs and flashing with his lights. At this stage I tough that there is something wrong with this guy but as the other lane was congested I was not able to move straight away so the vehicle behind kept on flashing with his headlights and driving very close to my bumper. He forced me to slow down and move to the near side lane by his behavior on the road and then I saw a police badge on the passenger window and I a women telling pointing to pull over.

I tough thats a hush way to be pulled over by a police officer whos not on duty but I stopped on the service which was about 100m away.

When I stopped I was approached by a middle aged man who was very abusive to me saying all kind of things from - "F*cking w*nker to stupid c*nt and many more" I have also been threatened by the off duty police officer who did not present his ID when he pulled me over also stating that he is going to take my drivers license away from me and that I will be stopped by this colleagues from the traffic police for my foolish behavior on the road.

When I tried to explain to him why I didnt pulled over or let him go in from of me he would not listen and he continued being abusive.

After few minutes he shouted one last threat to me that I should expect something in the post within few days and he will make sure that I will lose my drivers license and he is going to take me to court for not pulling over straight away (despite that I ha no where to pull over as its a dual carriage way with hard shoulder on one of the sides and on the other a massive curve)

I continued on my root but was frightened from the whole situation that happened. I reported the incident to the police and now I have an appointment tomorrow In the police station.

Could anybody suggest what shall I do or what to say when I get there and If they find the guy shall I take him to court.

I am finding this whole scenario really abusive towards the public and I am wondering why somebody who is getting paid to keep order is causing such a nightmare for the public.

Any suggestions are very welcome as I never been pulled over by an officer and dont really know what to do.

Thanks in advance

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    I don't think this was a Police Officer, you are lucky nothing more serious happened. Report it to your local Police Station with as much detail as you can.

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  • Pete
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    8 years ago

    You didn't get ID so they can't find the guy, if you get pulled over by someone off duty again and the don't give you ID say that it';s a crime for a policeman to not provide ID on duty and off duty they have no more power than you do. Get the license plate number if you can and report them to the police. Personally(in future or if they find the guy) i'd say just wait for internal investigation to say they didn't do anything wrong and refer it to the IPCC.Though you'll need witness to convicted and it's not really illegal (though the policeman may get a reprimand).

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  • 8 years ago

    Fake, mate. Go into your police station and tell them, they'll be interested in someone posing as a police officer.

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  • 8 years ago

    Obviously power has gone to his head, do us all a favor and take him off the street. You dont have to stop unless you see blue or yellow flashing lights.

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  • John
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    8 years ago

    I doubt very much this was a real police officer

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  • 6 years ago

    I would have punched his lights out.

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