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What is the reason behind the midnight sun in Norway, though it's in the Northern Hemisphere?

.. I thought only regions in the southern hemisphere have to be having problems with the sun.. like midnight sun and.. 6 months of day and night in Antarctica.

But why so with Norway?

And how many places/countries are there that see midnight sun, or weird things like that?

Thanks! :)

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    The Arctic Circle (and the Antarctic Circle in the south) is the line where there is at least one day in the year where the sun never sets. The reason for this is the axial tilt of the Earth, and you can read more about it in the Wikipedia article that is linked below.

    At the Circle it's only one day of the year where the sun never sets (or rises). As you go further north (or south) toward the Pole the number of such days increase.

    It must be said that most of Norway is south of the Arctic Circle, and at least 90% of the population is in the south.

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