what should i do about this girl, easy ten points?

this girl and i dated for a couple months and when it ended it was a clean break and weve stayed friendly. ive gotten an "i miss you" text once or twice late at night. and everything was ok for a while, we talked some but not a ton maybe once or twice a week. and we agreed after break that we should hang out when break ended. after our winter break ended she sent me a message our first day back saying "sorry we havent really had a chance to talk, we should meet and catch up.

when the time came though she blew me off and got a message hours later saying that shed been up all night and slept all day and she was sorry, i told her i didnt wanna make plans if she wouldnt follow up and we havent spoken since that a two weeks ago. im still interested in her but ive gotten alot of mixed signals, shes doing that thing where you see each other all the time but ignores you and i catch her glancing at me alot, none of our friends seem to know anything either. ive kept my distance and havent spoken to her for the last two weeks. figured itd be best to have some space and not harass her about hanging out.

i just want to know how should i approach her after this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    She's not interested. Leave her alone and move on

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