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Should i get Lord of the Rings war in the north?

Is Worth getting Lord of the rings war in the north?

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    Personally i think it's an awesome game, if you like lotr or rpg you should get it without hesitation..

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    First of all, to the guy who said get a life, you probably spend all day putting that same answer in every question you see. Now, on to the question, I heard War in the north is a really fun multiplayer game, so make sure to bring some friends over to bash in orc skulls and whatnot if you get the game.

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    Yes, and be sure to summon the riders from the Riddermark!

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    Okay, first of all, you need a life. You might think you have a life now, but man\woman\whatever im talking to, you don't. Second, no, cuz, ya, that's stupid.

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