Question about World War I?

What did the U.S do to mobilize for the war?

How did technology make the war more dangerous?

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    Passed the selective service act which required all men that were eligible to sign up for the draft. Also, since men had to go to war, it was up to women and children to do the jobs they left behind. we spent a ton of money building things like guns, tanks, and airplanes.

    Technology made the war more dangerous because it was new technology we'd never seen before. Machine guns made it possible to advance without severe casualties so the war had to be fought through trenches, gaining mere yards at a time. Life in the trenches caused mental as well as physical effects. Soldiers suffered shell shock, which is from the german big bertha which was more of a threat than a danger. also, disease and hunger killed lots of soldiers in the trenches. hope i helped.

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    Drafting and recruiting.

    Machine guns. Poison gas. Aerial bombardment. Submarines.

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