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hello i am 16 years old and i want to become singer but in recent days i have been singing very high notes but i am untrained and had never taught how to sing but i tried myself to sing i have been singing enrique iglesias songs Bcause my voice was very much like his,but after some songs my voice started to crack but i did not stop and kept going this resulted in my voice totally cracked and painfull and it also hurts i am afraid that if my voice will never return. I have also never learned any vocal exercises. So please suggest me what to do and what not to.and please show me some vocal exercises to improve my vocal health. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

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    You want to make the most out of your voice and have an even tone from the top to the bottom of your range. Regular daily exercises will help you achieve this. Please read "How to Prepare Your Body for Singing" and "How to Do Breathing Exercises" before doing these exercises.


    Vocal Exercise


    Say "le" and "la" out loud, with the vowels pronounced in the Italian manner (say "le" rather than "lay-ee" and "la" rather than "la-uh").


    Join the vowels "a" and "e" together with the "l" in an arc of sound, flicking your tongue briskly to make the "l" sound as short as possible.


    Practice this exercise for a few minutes.


    Say the Italian vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u, prefixed by the lip consonant "m".


    Pronounce these sounds in the following fashion: "ma" as the "a" in father; "me" as the "a" in gate; "mi" as in machine; "mo" as the "o" in more; "mu" as the "oo" in school.


    To produce the right "m" sound, spring your lips apart to allow the vowel sound to flow and be projected.


    Keep the flow of your breath constant throughout the exercise.



    Sing the melody of a familiar song, using the Italian vowels from above instead of actually singing the lyrics. This is called vocalizing.


    Here is one: Somewhere over the rainbow/Way up high/There's a land that I heard of/Once in a lullaby/Somewhere over the rainbow/Skies are blue/And the dreams that you dare to dream/Really do come true.


    Vocalize this song on "la" and "ma," keeping a steady flow of breath.


    Memorize the lyrics.


    Finally, sing the song using the actual lyrics. Try not to look at the words; pretend that you are looking at an audience in front of you instead.

    please click the link to read more also watch some videos on the subject

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    at this point, your best bet is complete vocal rest... drink tons of water and lukewarm tea with honey. also, investing in voice lessons is very smart! that way, you will train yourself and keep those vocal chords healthy! :) the number one tip i have is to not stress your voice...bear in mind that it is unhealthy to sing without warming up and out of your range. good luck!!

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