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Judging by this brief description, should I buy an LCD TV or LED TV?

Ok so I'm looking for a TV for my one year old PS3, currently I've got it hooked up to an 8 year old LCD TV which just doesn't do the job anymore (it doesnt offer HDMI or any of the newer features found in many basic TVs nowadays) I'm looking for a newer TV which could offer high quality graphics and will be perfect for gaming (FPS games and racing/driving games). If I do buy an LCD or LED TV, I'll only

Be using it for gaming and nothing else. Which TV should I get? I'd also like to know if an LED TV offers a visibly better image for gaming than LCD TVs, are LED TVs better for watching for watching

movies than playing video games? Thank you!

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    The difference between the two is simply the backlighting. Older or cheaper LCD sets use a fluorescent lamp. An "LED" set uses a bank of light emitting diodes, Both serve to light up the LCD display, which doesn't emit light on its own.

    Beyond that, whether its an LCD or "LED" TV has no bearing on performance with a game console. What does matter is the response time (you want it down to 2 milliseconds or as close as you can get) and the refresh rate (60 hz is sub-par, 120 hz or more is what you want). (In Europe, those figures are 50 and 100 hz.)

    Which has the better picture? Potentially, a full-matrix "LED" set should provide the best possible brilliance and contrast, but in reality, there are very good models with the other options (edge-lit "LED" or conventional LCD) that are very bit as good to the human eye as anything else. The best way to judge is to look at demonstrators operating in a TV store.

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    An LCD and an LED have the same specs and performance.. The only difference is the type of backlighting of the LED.. No other changes are involved in an LED HDTV.!! They also both have a slow response time, causing a blur on fast action. Refresh rates help the problem, but not a cure, and can mess up some movie viewing...(strange artifacts) Find a TV where it can be turned off..

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