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How should I tame my hamster?

It is a winter white dwarf hamster and he is a boy

I tried putting on rubber gloves just to see if I could pet him and if he bites

He gets scared if something touches him and he does bite and scratch

I fed him some carrots through the wired of his cage

Please help I have to clean his cage in a few days

I got him yeasterday

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    follow these steps:

    1.Tame a hamster by leaving it alone in its new cage for a few days. Your new pet hamster will be extremely nervous and agitated while getting used to its new environment and will be unresponsive to any training or taming efforts. You can begin to tame your new hamster once it starts establishing routines within its habitat, such as nesting, exploring and eating and drinking regularly.

    2.Call your new pet by its name whenever you interact with it. Hamsters actually can respond to their names over time, and it will be easier to tame it once it becomes accustomed to the sound of your voice. You should always call your pet hamster by its name whenever you give it food or water.

    3.Wear thick gloves to protect your fingers when you begin to tame your hamster, which will help you to avoid jumping or dropping your hamster if you are bit. Once your hamster realizes that you are undeterred by its biting behavior, it will begin to settle down and trust you.

    4.Place some hamster food next to your hand, and allow your hamster to eat without touching it. Allow the hamster to get used to the presence of your hand.

    5.Pet your hamster while it is eating. Be gentle and stroke its back lightly until it is comfortable with your touch.

    6.Put some hamster food in your gloved hand, and allow it to eat. Let the hamster explore your hand at its leisure before you attempt to move your fingers or stroke its back. Avoid sudden movements, and keep your hand within a few inches of the ground at all times.

    7.Remove the glove and allow your pet to feed directly from your hand. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your hamster, especially if you've just eaten. The smell of food on your fingers may confuse your hamster, causing it to bite.hope this worked with you and your new hamster

    Source(s): owner of hamsters and reptiles for 7+ years
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    I got my daughter a hamster a few weeks ago and shes only 4 so im trying to tame it before i let her handle it but its quite hard as im scared of it haha. to clean ours out i put the whole cage in the bottom of the bath and take the lid off. The hamster then climbs out and runs round the bottom of the bath while i clean the base. I also have a better chance to stroke her and let her get to know me more. good luck

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    Keep the gloves on, and make them surgical so that they are thin and he can feel skin through them. And love and affection does wonders. Plenty of greens and fruit and nuts (apple, corn) I find they eat almost anything, the results of their diet is in what is left in the cage.. a well formed stool indicates a happy animal :) He will scratch and bite until he gets accustomed to you, after all, he does not know you well enough yet!. Talk to him. Make it happy and reassuring. Plenty of fresh air on his cage takes away any odor that may occur, but it does pervade the place.. so fresh greens is good :).

    Source(s): love pets and heart and gut.. A couple of scratches to prove it too:) presently rearing rats.
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    Get a hamster ball for him to roll around in while you clean it. You don't even have to pick him up to put him in it you just put the ball opening right next to him and he should crawl right into it.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well you could try a Chair and a Whip, just like a Lion-tamer!

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