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How can I have my boyfriend chase me?

I am always texting him and he takes forever to respond. I want him to chase me because I always chase him. I always give him a lot of attention and I want that attention from him too.

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    In order for a man to chase you, he has to be intrigued by you. Something about you should be a mystery to him. If you continue texting him incessantly, you're telling him more about yourself than you ever know. It's telling me that you are possessive, controlling and a vicious PAIN THE @$$!

    CUT IT OUT!!!

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    I think you are doing exactly what he wants, I'm not completely sure though. The very fact that you keep chasing him means that he is doing something right to get you attracted to him so he is going to keep doing what works. You could stop chasing him but he is probably afraid that if he starts chain you intensely then you will lose attraction for him. It is a universal fact that a guy stands a better chance at keeping a woman if he is not clingy or makes it too obvious that he really wants her. This is not always true but he may be trying to maintain attraction.

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    Become a bloke. Bloke's love girls to chase them. Or just stop texting him. No seriously, you might get a response this way. Blokes love a lot of attention too, but feel they have to do nothing to get it. So don't hold out on him picking up what you're doing and expect him to do it. He might be too busy riding high on your texts to bother.

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