what was the election of 1796?

I need to know what was the election of 1796 and why was it important.

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    Election of 1796 could be a U.S. presidential election, a British general election, a U.S. House of Representatives election, or something else.

    I'll answer the one I know. The presidential election of 1796 was important. It was the first U.S. presidential election that was contested. John Adams ran against Thomas Jefferson. Adams' running mate was Thomas Pinckney and Thomas Jefferson ran with Aaron Burr. This was before the 12th Amendment. Every elector got two votes and the top two became president and vice-president. There was no difference made as to which office they were running for. So in 1796, this is the only time this happened. One presidential candidate became president, John Adams and the other became vice-president, Thomas Jefferson. A Federalist led with a Democrat-Republican as his vice-president. Adams tried to be conciliatory, inviting Jefferson to Cabinet meetings. There were only 4 Cabinet officers in those times. Jefferson said that he wanted no part of the Adams administration and did only that which he was required to do under the Constitution, mainly presiding over the Senate.

    Things got even worse in 1800. Jefferson and Burr tied and the whole thing got settled in the House of Representatives. The 12th amendment was passed to fix that.

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