Does my professor have a thing for me? I'm a woman and so is she?

Help please!! For years my professor has gave me this vibe that she wants me by the way she looks and touches on me. Everytime I see her she stares me down with a smile she can be walking past me and she stares and smile until I get out of sight. One day I was in her class and she called the role to see who was all present the whole time she kept her face down in the book calling names until she got to mine she looked up at me and smile and I was the only one she did that too. She walks around the class room and rubs me on my shoulder. If I don't see her when I'm walking in the building and she sees me she will say something like psssssss to get my attention I remember this one day she had assign a assignment in class and the room was quiet everyone was doing their work and I looked up and she was looking directly at me. So people what u think?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    That happens to me also, Im a girl and a female teacher will constantly stare me down and if Im not looking, she would stare and then when I turn and look, she will look back straight. She basically stares until I look back. When she walks into class, she will stare at me from across the room. NO ONE ELSE! But me!!!

    Well at least shes pretty lol And not a ugly thing starring all day

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