Is it ok for a job to post "spanish prefered" when hiring employees? Is it discrimination?

I've noticed a lot of jobs in New Jersey especially Bergen County post "spanish speaking prefered" as a job requirment. I think its wrong. I understand that we do have a large spanish community but i dont think you should be catered to if you speak spanish. There are a lot of different races that have come here that had to learn to speak english to survive so why do we have to cater to hispanics that refuse to learn english? I'm not a racist its the truth. My friends mom came here from Italy. In order to get employment she had to learn to speak english and she did. So why is it that hispanics feel they don't have to do the same. Jobs didnt post italian prefered to accomodate italians or any other race. Why are hispanics granted this priviledge?

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    9 years ago
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    Unfortunately, no, it's not discrimination. The Hispanics who come here illegally aren't very well educated at all, and there isn't much social pressure to learn English.

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    9 years ago

    If we had millions of Italians both legal and non (both seem to have the power of voting) streaming across our border then you'd see some Italian.

    Am I only one who is sickened by the fact that we wont even officially make English our national language since it'd offend Hispanics? This came up in government but was shot down. Can't lose the Hispanic vote!

    We can only blame our liberal selfs.

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    You cant say "Spanish perfered" that is racist because it is like saying or example "white perfered" which is extremely racist. " perfered if you speak Spanish" Would be okay for the most part, you may have 1 out of 20 people would say it is but you won't get in any type of trouble for it most people would not care. But I would like to think that they would perfer someone who can speak Spanish while catering so they you know what othervpeople are saying. Everyone is entitled to what they speak and your Italian friend probably had to learn english is because they don't speak Italian, they speak Spanish/English. any type of language that most people where your from speak. Spanish is popular where you are from so they don't have to change their language. That's is like asking why don't people from china change their language to English, it's their most popular language. Not everyone she need to change their language.

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    No i don't think that is discriminatory because he is not mentioning a race, he is mentioning a language. So you can be any race and speak Spanish. That's what i think he/she might have meant, that they want someone that speaks Spanish. Hope i helped :)

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  • 9 years ago

    That's deffinantly discrimination. They can't turn you away because of your race. They may need a Spanish speaking person but yes that is discrimination

  • 9 years ago

    i ink as long as they dont say 'only people of spanish origin' is ok, theyre only looking for people who speak spanish

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