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Are my cats playing or fighting or establishing dominance?

I have Boo (1 year 7 months old). We purchased her three weeks ago. This past Friday, we adopted Cortana, our new tortie. Boo was adopted from a shelter, Cortana from another owner who realized she was not a cat person. Boo had been at the shelter for eight months, Cortana was at a home around two dogs. Both have very lovable characteristics about them, and are definitely people cats too.

When we introduced Cortana to the household, judging from what I've read we didn't do the introduction as we should have. However, Cortana jumped out of her crate and rubbed up under Boo's chin, then hissed at Boo, and then hid. Boo also rushed into playing with Cortana, making every attempt to play.

It's been two days, and they've started interacting with one another. I was wondering if this interaction is fighting, playing, or them trying to establish dominance. They will chase each other around. Boo will chase Cortana at some points, Cortana will chase Boo on other occasions--it seems they are taking turns. They do not hiss (Cortana has hissed twice at Boo over the past two days now), they do not scratch each other, nor are their ears flat when they are chasing and tumbling. Their tails ARE twitching, and the kitties will not flatten their ears, but their ears go back a bit (almost as if they hear a noise behind them, but not flattening them).

Boo and Cortana have had a couple stare-down contests, and when this happens Cortana tends to lower herself closer to the floor while Boo continues to sit and stare at her. I cannot tell if this is establishing dominance or playing or what. From what I have read, everything other than tail twitching is "friendly" somewhat, and it seems they are establishing dominance, but I cannot tell. Boo has "postured" from what I can see on doing research, but she does this rarely.

They eat from the same food bowl (not at the same time) and share the litter box.

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    Its going to take a week or two before they settle down and accept one another. I had the same thing not long ago, I had a female cat who was around 3 months old and I wanted to get her a play mate, we got a little kitten and they hated each other at first now they are inseparable.

    They have different scents about them and until they pick up each others they will treat the other like an outsider.

    I would personally get another litter tray, with two cats one is not enough, get them their own bowls too. Mine have their own and there is no fighting over who eats what, be careful your older cat does not get offended by the new one eating from her bowl, cats are territorial and if your older one feels that the new one is taking liberities there will be trouble.

    Treat them like individuals and let them get on with things, soon they will be great friends but it will take a while.

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    you could tell by way of no rely if or no longer they are somewhat doing harm to one yet another - - no rely if there is bloodshed, swelling, or enormous clumps of fur yanked out. Cats have some severe weapons at their disposal and in the event that they have been in close touch like they are likely to be whilst play struggling with / wrestling, even though it replaced into genuine attempt against and that they have got been somewhat heavily attempting to harm one yet another, somebody likely gets harm. They nonetheless ought to by probability harm one yet another whilst enjoying even though it somewhat is much less probably. whilst play struggling with they are many times preserving claws a minimum of in part sheathed, and that they appear like they are gnawing on one yet another yet they are somewhat inhibiting their chew. (incredibly in the event that they have been raised with their littermates and mom till a minimum of 8 weeks and 12 wks is much greater constructive because of the fact they study by way of interacting with their cat family contributors approximately a thank you to play devoid of heavily hurting one yet another) it is to no longer say there's no longer each and every so often a form of genuine dominance concern happening between the cats it somewhat is being performed out in the play-struggling with. I merely enable them to chase, pounce and attempt against till somebody starts off yelping in a fashion that appears like genuine harm or misery. With my modern cats there in no way is genuine actual wounds. yet with 2 cats I had earlier ( that I accompanied from a rescue and that they were pals in a foster abode, then whilst they have been given right here they desperate to conflict for who replaced into splendid cat in the hot territory ) those 2 enormous boys weren't enjoying and it replaced into no longer relaxing. they actually meant one yet another harm. a real cat combat is frightening and has a various sense to it. i presumed i might might desire to return one to the rescue team yet certainly one of them subsidized down and enable the different be the ' alpha' . After that they tolerated one yet another or maybe grew to alter into pals lower back.

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    Unless they are doing this, they are not really fighting;;


    Youtube thumbnail


    cats fights are the epitome of violence.

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