Letting my ex wife claim my son?

My divorce was finalized in October and I have joint custody of my son. I'm supposed to claim him odd years and her on evens. My ex asked it she could claim him this year. I really don't need the money and I don't mind letting her. Can I get in trouble with the IRS?

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  • 9 years ago
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    if only one not both claim your son the IRS does not care who it is

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  • Mircat
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    9 years ago

    Check with your tax person and your lawyer. Just to make sure that claiming for x number of years in a row doesn't make the person able to claim the child every year from here on out. If the divorce papers say what is supposed to be done then you are not supposed to change things and I'd check with a lawyer if it's written in the divorce about tax exemptions. These may sound like little things but one doesn't know if it can lead to bigger problems.

  • 9 years ago

    The IRS doesn't know what's in your divorce decree, nor do they care. As long as only one person claims him, all will be fine.

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