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SAT questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I took the test yesterday and im really nervous what is got on it. I have questions about scores though. Is a 950 on math and reading good? what would a good SAT score be. Would a 1300-1400 be good on the sat as well?(total)

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    1300-1400 is average in my opinion. I define good as 1700-2400, but everyone's definition is different. People say you score better on your SAT if you retake it though. So you can always retake it. I scored 1450 or so on my first attempt, and around 1600 my second. So I improved.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i took the SAT yesterday too!!

    1500 is normal so your pretty under it...try to take SAT classes to improve your score. what did you get on the PSAT?? i got a 1510 which i'm pretty upset about. i think 1600 - 1800 is a pretty decent score while anything higher is fantastic.

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