What is AS and A-level Geology like?

I'm thinking of taking Maths, Physics perhaps art and Geology for my AS's next year when i go to college and i would just like to know a little bit more about geology. I am currently doing my GCSE's (which includes Geography and the 3 main sciences).

So, to anyone who studies/has studied Geology in AS or A-level please give me your opinion on:

How respected it is by universities compared to, say geography or chemistry.

How much you enjoyed it

What are the main topics

and anything else you can tell me would be appreciated.

Thank You


The College I'm looking at is Runshaw in Leyland, Lancashire. I'm sure they do the course as i've been to the open day and looked around.

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  • Joseph
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    9 years ago
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    I picked AS Geology as a doss subject when selecting A levels. It sounded interesting, and I planned on dropping it after the first year to concentrate on the subjects I needed to go on and study Forensics at uni.

    Turns out, I loved it, did very well, and ended up doing a degree in the subject! Bit of a change from my original plans...

    You'll find it very different from Geography (much better), but a GCSE in Geog will set you up nicely to do Geology.

    As far as main topics, I can't remember. See if you can find out which exam board sets your course, and try and get hold of a specification. If in doubt, your teacher should be able to shed some light. I did the WJEC specification, and it covered the basics of pretty much all areas.

    If I may, where are you doing your A levels? If I recall correctly, there aren't that many places still running Geology A levels.

    Any other advice - I hope you don't mind spending some time in the cold, wet and mud. Fieldwork is fantastic fun, you'll do nothing else like it at A level. But, it tends to be in Wales, and you'll be outside in all weathers.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend taking Geology.

    If there's anything else you would like to ask, just edit your original question, I tend to check back fairly regularly.

    EDIT: Nah, nowhere near where I did mine... Anyway, after a quick google, you can find out what the course entails (although not the exam board), looks pretty good. The guy who teaches it has a PhD, so you'll be in good hands there. Go for it, and enjoy!

    (Perhaps a helpful (and good humoured) warning - Geologists are a mad bunch, I'm afraid. All good fun, but somewhat lacking in sanity. Something to do with staring at rocks all day... Look up the Uncyclopeida article on Geologists, it's surprisingly accurate!)

    Source(s): A level and Degree qualified graduate.
  • ?
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    4 years ago

    no longer particular about "A" factor, yet is appears like you're refering to what we call ( Into to Geology / Earth technology ). There you study the basics. The geologic time scale, geologic guidelines of strata-positioning and deposition, paleontology principals and biologic evolution, plate tectonics, vulcanism, and the classification device and what makes rocks rock. Geologist ought to look gneiss men, yet they know their schist !!!

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