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My cat is acting really strange..?

My cats acting very strange, he is usually very outgoing and very playful, Yesterday he started acting very weird and got very quiet. He sits in the bathroom all day by the window sill. He eats but he doesn't try to jump at any food anymore like he used too. Last night his ears were a little hot... I'm very concerned, is this normal behavior for a cat?? Can anyone tell me whats wrong with him?


He spent all night in the bathroom... he usually sleeps on the couch.

Update 2:

When i usually call him he comes running, but now he does not respond..

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    I can't guess at what might be wrong with him, but such a drastic change in behavior calls for a trip to the vet asap. Something is going on that shouldn't be. Please make an appointment asap. If his ears felt hot to you and he's sleeping in the bathroom I'd think he may have an infection-my reason for thinking so being the bathroom is cooler than the sofa and he is trying to normalize his temperature by putting himself in a cooler environment. I'm not an expert by any means but that makes sense to me. Please see a vet. I hope you find out what's wrong. A fever is nearly always a sign of infection.

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    You did not say how previous your cat is, or no matter if he is going outdoors or no longer. If he's an older cat you ought to take him to a vet. If he is going outdoors often times you ought to take him to ascertain a vet. If he's not that previous and does no longer pass outdoors attempt giving him some furball medicine. you'll locate this at any grocery or puppy save. And sure it truly is what that is called i know it sounds gross yet cats choose this to manage to digest their foodstuff with out the fur getting in the way. you ought to also attempt feeding him some grass yet i ought to positioned him someplace like the bathroom in case you do supply him grass, because he will throw up after eating it yet this is a reliable ingredient for the cat.

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    Probably it's just because the mating season. and once that's only happening since yesterday there's no reason to worry. If he continues to act like that just take him to the vet. Or maybe he's with digestive problems. Don't worry

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    Probably got a kitty cold that's normal

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