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Enzyme Experiment - Question?

"You tapped excess enzyme from the card, explain why." - this is in an experiment where an enzyme-soaked piece of card has been dropped into a substrate.

I know about enzymes and all the rest of it, but how exactly would one word this in terms of a biological explanation?

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    Maybe like this: "The excess enzyme was removed from the card in order to have equivalent amounts in each experiment."

    Source(s): I'm a biochemist.
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    Unripe papaya flesh, particularly epidermis, contains the enzyme papain, which dissolves long protein chains-- for this reason making meat gentle. i'm uncertain as to the concentration of papain in keeping with cultivar or by employing weight, yet as a sturdy scientist this is significant to have comparisons. i might in all probability purchase hard meat, like brisket or chuck cuts. place a chew or 2 of uncooked meat interior the refrigerator (lined of direction, so it does not dry out) as a "administration". There are 2 substantial varieties of papaya bought in advertisement groceries: maradol, that are the vast ones, and "strawberry" papayas, that are extensively smaller. paying for a sort of papayas enables you to make certain if some papaya have greater papain than others. In separate bins, pour pureed eco-friendly papaya over uncooked meat, cover, and refrigerate. i do no longer understand what a sufficient wait could be, yet after some days it would in all probability be obtrusive if the papaya tenderized the beef by employing assessment on your "administration" pattern. Edit: I accept as true with the assumption of employing gelatin, different than you could desire to take care. Protein based gelatin (produced from animal skins and hooves) won't proceed to be set at room temperature and might desire to be refrigerated. Gelatin which will stay gelled at room temperature is maximum in all probability agar, that's a starch based gel and does not incorporate the essential protiens. the two way you are going to wish a refrigerator.

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