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Is there racism in the health care system in America?

i want to know why there is racism in the health care system in America, specifically in getting health insurance and IF there really is racism?? Not sure about this.


i didnt say there is racism, im asking IF there is racism and i honestly dont think there is, i just want to know other people's opinions on it since i keep on finding statistics that show that african americans are more likely to be uninsured than white americans but im not sure whether thats just coincidence or it might be because of income, or something else, you know?

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    Honestly, it depends. You could say there is racism because Americans and Asians and many others are not considered minorities so its harder for them to get free health insurance or even get into college. For example, there was an African American person in my friend's class and he got into Columbia, an ivy league school, even though his grades were not as good as my friend's and she didn't get in. However, if this is considered racism, almost everything can be.

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    What on earth would make you think there is racism in the health care system? That's just ridiculous. I guess everything is racist these days.

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    only if you already have insurance

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